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Posted by mary morrison on 07/05/2020   Email

Hello, I wrote to you recently regarding my search for information on my grandfather William (Bill) Bennett of Hill street. I have since discovered that the family lived at 40/42 Stirling Street and I wonder if this information might jog someone's memory. There is also a story that he may have emigrated perhaps after WWl

Posted by mary morrison on 02/05/2020

Hello, I am trying to trace my grandfather William (Bill) Bennet who lived in Hill street c1901 and then 60 High Street 1911. In 1911 he was a painters apprentice. His father was Alexander born in Kinross and his mother was Margaret nee Houston born in Tillicoultry. I have been unable to obtain any further information on William since the 1911 census and I wonder if any kind soul can add anything to the story. It would be much appreciated. Thank you

Posted by Tim Wear on 04/04/2020   Email

My Grandmother (Helen Philips Ross)'s Father John Ross was born in Tillicoultry on 6 June 1841. His parents were William and Mary and address on the 1841 Census Ures Wynd. William was the youngest of 11 and on 1851 Census the family address is recorded as Westside of Burn. The children were Alexander,William,Jean,N.K.,Helen, Ann,Mary,James,Janet,Robert and John.John followed his trade, Engine Fitter,to Glasgow, Sunderland, Hull and Middlesbrough(North Ormesby). I was wondering if any of your guests had tried to trace members of the Ross family. I was wondering if by any chance any of your guests had

Posted by Allan Corrie on 27/07/2019   Email

Hello there my name is Allan Corrie and I'm trying to find graves or any records of Robert campbell walker or family who lived in Tillicoultry in the eary 1800s before leaving for Canada and Australia . I plan travel from Edinburgh to Tillicoutry in September when we come over

Posted by Mary Corbishley on 28/02/2019   Email

I am trying to contact lost relations from my mum's side. She lived in Tillicoultry. Her name was Mary (Myra) Fulton Fisher Cleminson, she immigrated to New Zealand in the 1940s with my grandparents Thomas (Tom or Jock) Cleminson and my Grandmother Mary Cleminson nee Fisher. My Granny had a younger brother called Wullie Fisher. I would be grateful for any information. My mum was 14 years old when she left Scotland so she would have had school friends in Tillicoultry. My mum used to talk about a dear friend called Ida Roy.

Posted by David B on 03/12/2018   Email

Hi, Looking for information relating to Harviestoun Estate/ J.E. Kerr,and anyone employed there 1939-1944. Thank you, David

Posted by Mandy McGee on 02/03/2018   Email

My ancestor Robert Tough worked at J&D Paton @1845-1870 before emigrating to Quebec. Looking forward to visiting Tillicoultry next year!

Posted by Ian on 06/02/2018   Email

Hi Brendon, I been asking my friends on facebook, couple of answers:- Orphanage in Walker Terrace, Harvieston castle they used to come down in their blue suits and red ties, or could have been based elsewhere and visiting. The link to the Orphanage ( now a house) Google Maps

Posted by Brendon McQueen on 05/02/2018   Email

My Grandfather spent time near the end of WW2 at a hospital or rehabilition centre in or around Tillicoultry, he was a merchant seaman and his ship was sunk, I have a postcard from Tillicoultry which he posted to my grandmother, any information as to where he might have been convalescing any info would be more than welcome, thank you.

Posted by Duncan Hastings on 16/12/2017   Email

Does anyone have information about the family of Robert SS Gray? My father corresponded with him in the 1960s. Would love to hear from any family members Who may still be around.

Posted by troy burns on 05/11/2017   Email

Great page

Posted by patricia fenwick nee fagan on 13/05/2017   Email

Haven't been online for a while. Looking forward to reading all the posts

Posted by Jack Hyland on 23/01/2017

I was born 1948 at 54 Hamilton Street, my uncle Paddy Blake this was the licensee of the Woolpack Inn his wife Margaret was a primary teacher. My dad was Pat Hyland, the man from the Pru wife Jean. My older sister Trish married Frank Anderson his brother was/is Brian Anderson. Billy McManus is also in Australia. The Cassidys Helen and Mary Heanie, my mother's sisters. If anyone remembers or would like to be in contact I would appreciate that. Jack. this

Posted by Ian Thomson on 20/01/2017   Email

Hi to Davy Frail,I havnt your phone number please give me a call, Tomahawk

Posted by NORMA RENDLICK PACIFICO on 15/01/2017   Email

to Heather JEffery My family evacuated to Tilly with Jaegars at the end of August 1939 we Were not entitled to benefits as we arrived a few days before war was declared my mother Sylvia Rendlick worked for a Mr.Turner My father worked for Pattons

Posted by Norma Rendlick Pacifico on 15/01/2017   Email

I have my class pictures Tillicoultry aaprox 1942 Alva Academy approx 1947 Anyone around

Posted by Lindsey Muir on 23/11/2016   Email

Re families Neilson and Drummond of Tilly. I am the granddaughter of Dr John Drummond 1868 to 1926 of High St (now the Co-op) Thanks to this site my cousin Elizabeth Callander and I, and many Drummond cousins are in touch. My mother was called Jean Neilson Drummond 1920 to 2005. I am trying to trace the Neilson family , presumably relatives as Scottish tradition is for children to be named after older, often childless, family members or godparents. Any ideas? Many thanks, Lindsey

Posted by Heather Jeffery on 21/10/2016   Email

My grandfather, Arthur Fuller, evacuated with Jaegers during WWII. Does anyone know when the Company evacuated to Tillicoultry. Any information would be most helpful. I've been searching on the 1939 Register with no success. Many thanks in advance. Heather Jeffery

Posted by Margaret Hunter on 13/09/2016   Email

My schoolfriend Elizabeth Storie and her Mother Jean lived @March Glen with Elizabeth's Grandparents the Kirks. I spent a lot of my childhood there, and would love to know if anyone remembers them. Elizabeth married Lesley McIntosh, and I think her Mum Jean married too. Remember getting off the bus at the Wicket and seeing the Tinkers camping in the woods. Ruby Taylor, Jean's sister lived next door, and the Sneddons lived further up the road. Does any of these names seem familiar?

Posted by MARY PARENT on 10/07/2016

Hello, am searching for relatives of my grandfather, John (Jack) Robertson Drysdale, born Oct 6, 1892 or 1893. He had 4 siblings- William, Kitty, Jean and Nancy. I was curious to know if any of the decendants of this family still live in the Tillicoultry area? Thanks

Posted by chrissy stewart on 08/06/2016   Email

My hanson family in 1841 were livingnin dunblane. They next lived in liff benvie invergowrie and thomas hanson apeara to have died prior to 1851 as his wife mary is living with her daughter ann and husband edwars murray. They came to austealia in 1852 so she then went to live with her son william at 140 high street devonside

Posted by Bryce Crawford on 28/04/2016   Email

I have a business card with the name & address of G Paterson High Street Tillicoultry. anyone help with any information. I used to stay in Union Street & Cunninghar Drive

Posted by Margaret Johnstone on 01/03/2016   Email

Thank you to Kazz Bailey/Chapelle for the update on Lily and Ronald. Lily and I were best friends in the 30's and 40's and lost touch when I left the country in 1956.

Posted by Susan Swart on 16/02/2016   Email

In the 1901 census the address for my great grandparents were 15 Commercial Buildings. We are planning a trip in April to Tillycoultry, is it possible to take photos of the building or do I need to look at a totally different address? Best wishes.

Posted by Ronald Duncanson on 05/12/2015

looking for information on a John Duncanson Alexander Duncanson blacksmiths 1800c

Posted by The Morrisons on 30/09/2015

Get back in touch: George and Julia (nee McLean) Morrison of Ochil St, Church Grove and Hamilton St, Tillicoultry. My mum Julia (now in Aberdeen) was born at 12 Jamieson Gardens, Tillicoultry 1932, her sisters were Molly,( now in Toronto) Sybil and Catherine ( now in Larbert), please be in touch for auld lang syne

Posted by Ashley on 10/09/2015   Email

Hi, I'm looking for a John Dalziel who lived in Tillicoultry. Not sure how long he lived there but believe he was there during the 1960s. He was born in January 1948. Thanks!

Posted by hayden on 26/08/2015   Email

Hi its my grans 70th birthday and we would like to make it special her name was mary frail and then she married john (Ian)fyfe if you were friendly with her please contact me thank you

Posted by Ian Hunter on 24/08/2015   Email

Will be in area in around three weeks Wondering if it is possible That some descendants of Robert Hunter and Janet Condie still in the area? Their son Robert sailed on the McGiver to Australia in 1863.

Posted by Angela petrie on 19/08/2015   Email

SECRET OPERATION MY sister and I are looking for old school friends, friends of Mary Fyfe nee Frail, born 1946, she is originally from Dollar then moved to Devonshire, she married John (Ian) Fyfe, then moved to coalsnaughton, if anyone knows her please get I touch, thanks. X

Posted by Elizabeth Callander on 02/08/2015   Email

I am the daughter(illegitimate)of Morvern Lawson Pow Drummond and Audrey Pickin. I was adopted at 6 weeks. My Father was the son of Dr. J Drummond . I have a half sister Gill Johnson nee Drummond. I have visited the family grave in Tillicoultry where my father's ashes were buried. I was so pleased to find this site and trace my father's family back so far. Would love to here from anyone who has any further info. I live on Wirral.

Posted by Alan Sinclair on 26/07/2015   Email

My father owned the clock mill. Anybody work there? Love to hear from you. Anybody living there in the apartments? If you would like a bit of history please mail me.

Posted by Caroline Anderson on 23/04/2015

Would anyone out there be able to give me any information about the Patons Mill please? In particluar anything about 'Patons Twisty', one of the popular yarns made there.

Posted by ann robertson on 08/03/2015   Email

great place to stay

Posted by robert brennan on 16/02/2015

hey folks i am robert brennan originally from alloa now living in glasgow with my family a lot of use may remember me as i was never out the pubs,however i have been tracing my family tree and i am looking for any of my brothers family william (wullie) brennan of coalsnaughton who I believe spent his late years in tillicoultry with his wife rubie (calder) brennan and had seven kids who I hope I can get in touch with going by the names william,john,mary,shelia,irene,alexsander,wilma and robert if anyone knows how I can get a hold of them please get back to me on this regards robert brennan

Posted by June Shipley on 02/02/2015

I used to live in Fir Park moved to Australia in 1966 Still always remember Marion Hunter we were great friends would like her to contact the guestbook to say she remembers always sorry we lost touch

Posted by Lindsey MUIR on 17/12/2014   Email

I am the granddaughter of Dr John Drummond 1870 to 1926 and Elsie Drummond (nee Hay of Portsoy) died 1942. John drummond lived at 76/80 High st (now the co-op) which was bought in 1840 on the marriage of his grandparents Amelia Moir and James Pow. His parents were Amelia Pow and John Drumond. There is a family cross in Tilly cemetery with Dr Drummond and other family names. I am in touch with many descendants in England, France, Hungary, Canada and the US but none in Scotland! Surely someone must still be in your area and I would love to hear from you. Lindsey Muir

Posted by James Galloway on 09/12/2014   Email

Hi my dad is looking for old school friends from Alva he is now 66 lived at 100 queen street in Alva he knew of billy Harrison and willy Harrison Gavin Baxter Geordie Stevenson jock murphy graham Davison thank you

Posted by Ken Moore on 13/11/2014   Email

Census data from 1911 and 1915 indicate that my great grandfather Joseph Hunter Paterson was the hotel keeper at the Crown Hotel at 10 High Street. Does the building still exist? If not, are there any photos or further information on the hotel for the period 1911-1915 that someone might share?

Posted by Chrissy stewart on 01/11/2014   Email

Hanson family from tillicoultry. I am the great great grand daughter of robert cuthbert hanson and his wife jane nicholson.robert was born in forfar in 1832 to thomas hanson and his wife mary hanson nee cuthbert. They lived at 140 high street devonside tillicoultry. Mary ha son died in 1859 there. Robert and jane immigratEd to australia in 1852 . Roberts sister ann and her husband edward murray also immigrated. The other sisters mary, agnes, cecilia and isabella remained in scotland. Roberts brother william married letitia cumming and went to dwsbury yorkshire. I would love to find family descendents. Regards chrissy stewart nee hanson from victoria australia

Posted by James Adams on 18/10/2014   Email

Is there any members of a family with the surname Whitehead have any information which might help me find out what happened to a Lizzie Whitehead and where she is intered. Lizzie was born circa 1889 in Alva. Her father was Charles Whitehead and her mother Jemima Foote Whitehead M/s Blyth who came from Kinross. I have trace all the siblings but I can't find anything about Lizzie. Many thanks. Please contact me via the Guest Book.

Posted by Maureen Smith (Dingwall) on 02/10/2014   Email

Trying to find David Adams. Married to Margaret from Coalsnaughton. David lived in Bridge of Allan,in the 150,s and worked as a railway signalman. I think he came from Letham At one time he emigrated to Newcastle, Australia. I believe he may have returned to Coalsnaughton He had a daughter, Rhona.

Posted by Ellen N. Lawson on 04/09/2014

what records would tell me more about Peter and Margaret (Hay) Lawson who re in the 1851 census for Tillicoultry with ten children. Their oldest son, Peter, b. c. 1838, eventually emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts and is my great grandfather. IF ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE CONTACT Via guestbook

Posted by elaine on 01/08/2014   Email

I am looking for any information re William GRAHAM and Ann DICKSON who mar 24 Nov 1838.Their dau Elizabeth Drysdale GRAHAM mar Peter Grassick STEWART on 19 Jan 1860. They came to NZ in 1862.

Posted by SUSAN SWANSTON on 10/06/2014   Email

My family left Tilly in 1973. Am still in touch with Linda (Morrison) Halls, Anne Denholm and have heard from Elaine Turner. Anyone else out there?

Posted by ann martin on 05/05/2014

hi im looking for marion hunter we was close friends when i stayed with relatives in tilli i can remember the log cabin shop which was acroos the the road from where i was living if you do know marion please tell her i think of her all the time and ilook back on how much fun we had on the witches hat.

Posted by Ewen Taylor on 29/04/2014

I am looking for any descendants of Mary Neilson or Nelson that lived in Tllicoultry 1880 to her death in 1908. She was my Great grandmother.

Posted by Ron Cameron on 10/02/2014   Email

34624553 To John Readman Re the address this could be what used to be known as the sandy mans hoose just off the Dollar Road where Harviestoun Grove is now built. It lay to the east of Tillicoultry just before Danny Hamilton's farm, the area was known as the sandhole. 24345232 The address could refer to what we called the the Sandymans cottage, just off the Dollar Road before Danny Hamilton's Farm. There used to be a sand quarry where the Wimpey Estate at Harviestoun Grove is built now. I do remember older people refer to it as the sandhole.

Posted by Diane Griffiths on 31/01/2014   Email

Looking for info on my grandfather George Faichney born 13/02/1882 at Sneddons property Coalsnaughton

Posted by lynn heggie on 10/01/2014   Email

Hi to everyone from Tilly. Pamela Martin - remember you and your family from Johnston Crescent! Long time ago! Glad you are well. :D

Posted by Kazz Bailey/ Chapelle on 10/11/2013

To Margaret Johnstone nee imrie , you left a message a long time ago now, I have only just found this site and seen it, if you are still with us and ever check here again , You asked kindly after My great Aunt Lily Chapelle... both Lily and her Brother Ronald (My beloved grandfather passed away within months of each other recently. They lived full lives and had families that loved them x

Posted by tom carmoodie on 23/09/2013   Email

any photos of 1959 leavers

Posted by John Readman on 17/09/2013

In 1888, a Margaret McGregor, bn. 1869, Milnathort, gave birth to a son, at an address called Sandhole, Tillicoultry. Reading your old guest book, a sand quarry just outside Tillicoultry was vey popular, but does anyone know if there were any houses/settlement there at any time?

Posted by Ian on 30/08/2013

JAMES, sent you a email with info. on the relatives, did you receive it.

Posted by eileenhenning on 15/08/2013

hi there looking to find school photos late 30s early 40s

Posted by Ian (Webmaster) on 05/07/2013

Hi Geoff, don't know where that is hope someone can help. Park Street is in the bottom photo on fist photo page

Posted by Geoff Allan on 05/07/2013   Email

One of my ancestors, John Dempster is shown in the 1841 census as living at Tillicoultry Village Patons Land. I'm wondering where that was. In 1851, just before sailing with his family to NZ, they lived in Park Street.

Posted by Pamela Martin on 26/06/2013

Hi to all who remember the Martin family...lived in Johnstone Crescent...reconise a few names on here..pop back to tilly to visit mum and sister Betty...so helloooooooo to all who remember us....

Posted by elaine hollins on 20/04/2013   Email

Looking for information about Elizabeth Drysdale GRAHAM who married Peter Grassack STEWART in 1860 at Shillinghill. They emigrated to New Zealand. Where was Elizabeth born? Who were her parents?

Posted by Kevin Ryan on 14/04/2013   Email

I am researching my Grandfather's sister, Catherine Ryan b1866, who married an Andrew M Stewart, b about 1865, who had connections to a Stewart Woollen Mill in Tillicoultry. He is buried in Mullusk Graveyard in Belfast with Catherine and the grave is alongside my grandfather's grave. He died in 1931. I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me on him.

Posted by Rosie Nicol on 14/04/2013   Email

Hello My family came from Coalsnaughton and Devonside. They were called Condie.I have lots of Family Tree information, but no pictures of Coal Miners' cottages of late 1800s early 1900s. Do any exist? Help please! Rosie

Posted by Gordon turner on 08/02/2013

Hi John Macrindal I am still out hear, its good to read about all the old names from our school days.

Posted by norman bottomley on 23/01/2013

Hello from Lancashire, Has anyone any knowledge of my g.grandfather John Newlands Bottemley and his mother Jane? They may have lived or have had relatives in Tillicoultry in the late 1800s. I would value any information you might have.

Posted by Bryce Crawford on 16/01/2013   Email

To Elaine Law I stayed across the road from your Mum & Dad, Gordon & Nan in Cunninghar Drive. I now live in Edinburgh

Posted by Sherille chase (nee McArity) on 12/01/2013

Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me trace my sister Karen McArity. Her mum's name is Irene and she has a brother called Liam. I left Tilly in 85 and have never Been able to gain access to her. If anyone can help please contact me.

Posted by Dawn Gallagher on 07/11/2012   Email

Hi everyone...I live in Canada and will be visiting Scotland next summer. I was hoping that in advance of my trip I might find some of my relatives. My Great Aunt Mary Snaddon b. 1910 (parents John Snaddon and Janet MacKay), married Bill Hunter, daughter Betty may be married to Bill Love? Thier children unknown. I would be ever so greatful if someone could assit me! Thanks!

Posted by Ashley Solomon (Barnard) on 02/11/2012   Email

I am the great great grandaughter of John Barnard and Jane Barnard (Bennett). My gret grandparents Frank and Mary Banrnard (Jamieson) came to Canada in 1903 and 1909 respectively. Please contact me if you are related. Thank you

Posted by Dorothy Murray on 21/10/2012   Email

I was born in Lanark Scotland in 1943. I am presently doing research on my grandparents and believe that my grandfather (Charles Henderson Murray) was born in Tillicoultry? He became a blacksmith and I believe his mother's name was Christina and father's name was Alexander? He had three sons and 1 daughter, William, Mary, John and Douglas (christened Charles). Can you assist me in being able to find out where I can look for more information on my family roots? I left Edinburgh, Scotland in 1967 and now live in Canada but love to come back to Scotland to see nieces and nephews, etc. I have no immediate family remaining now and would appreciate any help I can get. I would love to visit Tillicoultry the next time I come home if my research is correct! Thank you very much.

Posted by Colleen Sutherland on 06/10/2012   Email

Looking for descendants of my Great Great Grandparents - George Campbell and Margaret Watt. They had seven children - James Born 1829, Alison B.1832, Isabella B.1834, Marion B.1838, Elvira B. 1841, George B.1844, and Margaret B. 1849. Elvira ( my G. Grandmother) came to Australia in 1876 with five children, Margaret Watt Murray B.1862, Isabella Scott Murray B.1865,William Murray ( my Grandfather) B. 1866, Elvira B. 1867 and Walter B, 1870. I live on the East Coast of Australia in the seaside town of Gerringong.I visited Tillioultry in 2010 and loved the charming little village. I also found some records relating to my G.G.Grandparents - Margaret Watt's parents were Alison Reid and Robert Watt and George Campbell's parents were Elizabeth Gillespie and James Campbell and he was a soldier in the a Napoleonic War around 1800.It would be great to hear from anyone who is related to these families.

Posted by Colleen Sutherland on 06/10/2012   Email

Looking for descendants of my Great Great Grandparents - George Campbell and Margaret Watt. They had seven children - James Born 1829, Alison B.1832, Isabella B.1834, Marion B.1838, Elvira B. 1841, George B.1844, and Margaret B. 1849. Elvira ( my G. Grandmother) came to Australia in 1876 with five children, Margaret Watt Murray B.1862, Isabella Scott Murray B.1865,William Murray ( my Grandfather) B. 1866, Elvira B. 1867 and Walter B, 1870. I live on the East Coast of Australia in the seaside town of Gerringong.I visited Tillioultry in 2010 and loved the charming little village. I also found some records relating to my G.G.Grandparents - Margaret Watt's parents were Alison Reid and Robert Watt and George Campbell's parents were Elizabeth Gillespie and James Campbell and he was a soldier in the a Napoleonic War around 1800.It would be great to hear from anyone who is related to these families.

Posted by Margo Aitken on 14/09/2012   Email

Does anybody have an old picture of the site Middleton Mill in Tillicoultry before it was demolished. Appreciate if you could contact me.

Posted by Mary McIntyre on 26/08/2012

Trying to establish families who lived at Marchglen c1850-1911. There are gaps in the present day house numbers and trying to establish where families lived.

Posted by david mcintosh on 03/08/2012   Email

looking for margaret mcauley nee stewart. westbourne avenue

Posted by george brogan on 29/07/2012

Hazel Wyle on 17/06/2012 you said that Margret Paterson was your dads cousin is your maiden name Crawford?

Posted by Bryce Crawford on 24/07/2012   Email

Thank you for the news about Charlie, sad though it was. I new he had entered the priesthood. Even as a kid he always said he would be a minister

Posted by Lawrence Darke on 16/07/2012

Bryce, Charlie was ordained as a priest in the College Chapel in Valladolid in April 1962. He served as a parish priest in Broughty Ferry, Dunblane, Perth, Dundee and Newport-on-Tay where he died on the 25th of August 1994 aged 56.

Posted by Bryce Crawford on 06/07/2012   Email

Looking for Charlie Adamson.I was at Alva Academy with him in the 1050's. He stayed in Church Grove

Posted by Hazel Wyle on 17/06/2012

Just been having a look at the web site again. Saw an old message from Adrian Brogan on 13 April 2008. His grandmother was Margaret Paterson and she was my dad's cousin. I'd love to send him info on the family tree. I was doing some research on Tilly House since my gran must have worked there. Remember the old sand quarry and the wild cats we were warned not to take home as pets LOL There was a rope swing there too. Many a bairn returned to school after the summer holidays with arms in stookies!

Posted by Strickland banks on 05/06/2012   Email

Nice site many thanks

Posted by Bryce Crawford on 24/05/2012   Email

I used to go dancing @the Cochrane Hall in the late 1950's

Posted by mary(porter)dobbie on 23/05/2012   Email

anyone remember the dancing at the cochrane hall george and i meet there we now live in S.A . WHAT A PLEASURE TO FIND THIS SITE

Posted by ann storer on 22/04/2012   Email

hi im trying to get intouch with marion hunter i understand marion is still living in tilli if you do know marion please ask her to e.mail me plz thx

Posted by Jody Reilly on 12/02/2012   Email

Hi, I've been trying to research my grandmother's family history now for sometime and, I can't seem to get very far. My grandmother's name was Glorine Miller ( b. 1918 in Connecticut, U.S.). Her father was James Miller and was born in Tillicoultry Dec. 5 1880 he married Jessie Ann Stewart born Jan.7,1883 and she was from Woodside, Scotland. The only other relative I can find is Peter Miller ( James's father). I found an address through my research that James ( or just his mother ) lived at 10 Moss Rd. Tillicoultry. If there is anyone out there that has any information on this family, I'd be very greatful. Thanks so much.

Posted by Karin Nichol (Wilkens) on 26/01/2012

Hi, was just stumbling across this site. I stayed in Tillycoultry for a few weeks in 1983, I was 17 and during this first visit to Scotland I fell in love with Scotland and its people. It took me 23 years to return, but now my husband and I try to visit Scotland once or twice a year, and one fine day we hope to move to your beautiful country that makes us feel so at home. Was wondering if the McBays are still living in Tilly. I stayed with the family in 1983, was penfriends with their daughter Biddy (Elizabeth), who I had met in Hamburg (Germany) the year before. Can't remember the street they lived in, but do remember her Dad was from London and they had a little dog called Dougal. Maybe someone can help me? Would love to get in touch. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Linda Brotherton on 18/01/2012   Email

On my father in laws birth certificate it says that he was born at 1 Princes st, Stirling and that his fathers(Frederick Mason Brotherton) domicil was 8 Stirling St, Tillicoultry. We were wondering if there are any Brothertons still around?? We are hoping to visit early this year as the area looks really beautiful. Can anyone help please??

Posted by james hamilton macmillan on 31/12/2011   Email


Posted by Bernard Simon. (Taffy) on 17/12/2011   Email

Wishing to contact Andy Caruthers old address Barn Park .We served at R A F Kinloss 1952-53 . 45 MU.Unable to find a phone number.

Posted by eric on 01/12/2011   Email

hi, just looking at your site, live in london town never been up north.

Posted by debbie muirhead(nee crawford) on 15/10/2011

trying to find old primary school photos from when i was at tilly primary and alva academy we have a school reunion im may 2012 and would be nice to have old pics if anyone on here born 1969 remembers going to these schools please find me on facebook i remember susan brogan and i know wendy piper is in australia i would like to hear from peeps wi pics please fb me debbie

Posted by Peter Mosedale on 27/08/2011   Email

Grateful for any help in finding Mrs Maysie Lawson, late of Ashbank. Her husband John died twenty years ago. He worked with me at NCB Centre in Sauchie long ago.

Posted by John Swinton on 18/08/2011   Email

trying to trace William sharpe, around 1890

Posted by Ian on 14/08/2011

Thanks, yes please pop in and sign the guestbook and let us know where you are visiting from.

Posted by james hamilton macmillan on 13/08/2011

where are all the comments

Posted by Bryce Crawford on 02/07/2011   Email

Does nobody want say anything to the guest book

Posted by anne white on 07/06/2011   Email

trying to trace the reid family from clackmannan my father was thomas sullivan reid mt mother was jean frazer

Posted by Nerida on 06/06/2011   Email

I'm looking for descendants of Alexander Gilmour who married Janet Miller 27.5.1792. Children were Janet b abt 1806,George b abt 1806 m Margaret Marshall, Alexander b abt 1811 m Jane or Jean Hutchinson, Robert m Margaret MacKenzie & John b 1816 who went to Australia in 1839. There may have been other siblings.

Posted by Ian (webmaster) on 17/04/2011

Re: where are all the previous messages This is now a new website, I have tried to post the measages on this site but it was causing problems to the site. I will try again.

Posted by a another on 17/04/2011

where are all the previous messages

Posted by Colleen Summerson on 09/04/2011   Email

Are there any relatives of my late mother-in-law who was from Tillicoultry- she was Bessie Jean McLay? - family names would include Rennie, Stalker and McLay. Please contact me if you are related to Bessie....

Posted by mike fagan on 03/04/2011   Email

nice to see you are back up and running again

Posted by leanne hutton (nee hill) on 02/04/2011   Email

searching for details of my grandfather wallace hill born 1912 in tillicoultry scotland.

Posted by Suzanne (Marshall) Baer on 20/03/2011

I very much enjoyed the beautiful pictures of the countryside. I look forward to being able to visit one day.

Posted by Ian (webmaster) on 19/03/2011

The guestbook has now been updated. To add to the guestbook fill in the details. Thanks to Mike Drummond for letting me know that you could not add to the guestbook. now fixed!


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