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john davidson
02 September 2010 21:02:51
sorry to hear of willie dawsons passing, he was a good guy taken away fsr to early.
my thought are with his family, lorraine and his friends
John Hunter
08 August 2010 11:08:51
In answer to Adrian Brogan comment 13 April 2008 regarding his grandparents Maggie and Paddy Brogan on Church Grove, that your Grandparents were Friend with my Mum and Dad Jean & George Hunter Stoneacre and George was killed in the quarry at Tilly.
I had a sister Mary she worked in the chemist at Tilly and I served my time at Patons Mill 1958-65 I was friends with Laurie Darke, robin duncan, john dunbarr,raymond lovall. I left in 1971 to live in Argyll.
Norma Rendlick Pacifico
06 August 2010 21:41:01
Lived in Tilly from Sept.1939 to November 1949.
Tilly Primary School burned down and we had our classes in Church halls. then I went to Alva Academy.Favourite teacher Miss Baker.
Lived in Upper Mill Street and Ramsay Terrace.
I now live in Southern California
I accidently met Andrew Rankine from Menstrie about 20 years ago - he has since passed away.Will be visiting Tilly end of August.
Any classmates still living there?
Margaret Thomson (Mather)
29 July 2010 22:13:48
I have enjoyed the last couple of hours on this site. After living in South Africa 30 years I still miss Tillicoultry. I know so many of you who have made comments not just from Tilly but from Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Memories came flooding back. Ian you are doing a great service to the town. Thanks.


Colleen Summerson
25 July 2010 07:33:20
Does anyone remember my mother-in-law Bessie Jean McLay? Her mother was Christine Stalker who married a Rennie after the death of her first husband (McLay)- they were all from Tillicoultry. Bessie trained as a teacher at the Alloa Academy, later she married Ted Summerson from Co. Durham and they emigrated to South Africa in the 1930s, where they started an engineering business.
Dan Davies
23 July 2010 19:13:55

I am trying to trace cousins of my father, who are from the Bruce and Heggie family. I know that there was a Margaret Bruce (nee Allan), married to a John Stewart Bruce, who had a Davina Heggie (nee Bruce) who married a Charles Pearson Heggie. Margaret died in 1980 and Davina and Charles married in 1959. Any information you may have from the local area of about the family, or even any resources I may be able to try, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Dan Davies
Diana Cloutier
20 July 2010 09:15:17
Diana Cloutier Details I would like information on Archibald Walker and his family. Can someone provide me with information? I am a Walker Descendant and was curious if he was one of my ancestors. Thank you, diana Postal address 8254 Phoenix Ave

Universal City, TX, USA Post / Zip code 78148
Suzanne Marshall Baer
17 July 2010 21:41:16
With gratitude to the man who turns out to be a cousin (George Dunbar) I have finally received the information I have been searching for, for more than a decade. Thanks to George and his father John I now know of my grandfather Thomas Marshall, my great-grandparents (John Henry Marshall & Euphemia his wife), and my great-great-grandparents (Thomas Marshall & Isabella his wife -even a photo of their shop taken sometime in the late 1800's). Now I would be interested in hearing from anyone who might have first hand experience and/or knowledge with my family members. I thank you in advance for your kind consideration in reply.
Peggy Marshall-Chiarella
14 July 2010 04:15:09
I am looking for information on the Marshall family. I have had recent information that they are still living in Tillicoultry. I am living in the US Long Island New York. I believe my Dads family came from this town. His name was Thomas Joseph Marshall
Susan Brogan
12 July 2010 15:07:21
What a great site, yes wendy piper I remember you and the bunny hill, lol. I live in dunfermline now, with my 3 children ; Nicole 15yrs, Tilly-Anne 5yrs and Mitchell 4yrs. Feeling my age now, what great times playing in Tilly, great memories as a kid playing in church grove, remeber Tilly primary and of course firpark for first year then onto alva academy for final years. Did okay myself went on to get a english degree and a history degree. Lived in edinburgh have been back a couple of times to tilly, it has changed so much especialy the cafe and the bus station lol lol, the forbiden area when we were teenagers, lol. love to all the remeber me. xxxx
Graham Murray
10 July 2010 15:50:22
Hi all, does anyone know of a Peter Robertson (b. 01/06/1850 in Tillicoultry and d. 14/01/1906) who married Agnes McAdam on 04/11/1884? They married in Dollar, Clackmannan. Peter's parents were Peter & Elizabeth (nee Manley or Manly). Peter and his father were both Butcher masters. I have found them on both 1891 and 1901 census. They had at least 3 children (Agnes-Clapperton {1886}, Peter {1889} and Thomas {b.1892 d.1892}). I am looking for any information regarding descendents of the children Agnes-Clapperton and Peter.
Bryce Crawford
08 July 2010 21:27:28
Can anyone tell me if The Murray Trust is still up & running in Tillly
Catherine Flannagan nee Paterson
05 July 2010 21:24:06
Hi Robina, its Catherine Flannagan nee Paterson we lived @ 21 Johnstone Crescent then we moved to number 15, you, myself, Ena Ramage & Moira Graham all went on holiday to Spain together cant remember where abouts in Spain but have some good pictures of us all together. PS this is my daughters email address + it would be good to hear back from you!!!!
j davidson
01 July 2010 19:15:50
help ma boab havent looked in for ages and after being 31,000th visitor i was the 32,000th visitor incredible lol.
hi to anyone who remembers me from my tilly days.



stephen mckay
27 May 2010 14:57:55
so sorry to hear about your bereavement keep your chin up we are a hard breed from tillicoultry from steve mckay
stephen mckay
27 May 2010 14:53:53
colin dykes condolences to you colin sorry to hear about your dad stephen mckay
jean osler
19 May 2010 08:59:09
My great grandmother lived in Tillicoultry 15 Park St her name was Catherine McGregor Keen she married John McGregor on the 29th December in Church of Scotland Tillicoultry, her Grandfather lived in Alloa, they had a big family are there any of them still around? They moved to the Denny are afterwords
07 May 2010 09:35:02
31,000 visitor to this gr8 site.... braw, hello to all who know me in tilly, condolences to colin dykes on the passing of his dad jimmy.
Jim Gillespie
25 April 2010 10:59:52
Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, and is commemorated by both countries on 25 April every year to honour members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. These soldiers were known as Anzacs. Four young men, born in Tillicoultry, served as Anzacs. They were James Goudie, Anderson McIntosh, James Sloan and William John Henry Stansbury. Lest we forget.
George~Carter Cunningham
08 April 2010 17:14:34
Looking for Bruce Stephenson, whom studied at Wolverhampton university around 1997/1998
jan lawrence
05 April 2010 04:15:52
Hi all stumbled onto the site trying to research family does anyone have any info on charles edwards born 31 december 1891 in the west vennel or if there are any of his family still living in tilli, great photos
Rosemary Lyon
31 March 2010 03:30:58
I just remembered that it was Jean Miller who made the kilts and Vi Donaldson she lived in Alva who did the pressing and any news would be most welcome tks
Rosemary Lyon
30 March 2010 17:02:34
I would like to get in touch with any one who worked at the Clock mill also know then as Campbells mill ,I started there !st of April 1958 worked with Nessie Fisher Janet O Malley Jean can,t remember her last name she pleated the kilts Joan Lumsden can not remember any more would love to hear from some one tks
Donna Lemaitre(Dickie)
30 March 2010 00:23:18
Hi Margo Bernard, sent you an email to your work address,not sure if you got it, let me know when you are back in tilly, and we can catch up,Donna.
23 March 2010 19:04:39
G Paterson may be Gilbert Paterson who was living in Tillicoultry from about 1901 until he died in Alva in 1923 . He was Mill Manager, was born in Ladhope near Melrose in Roxburghshire. I am a descendant of his father Thomas Hislop Paterson. Would it be possible to arrange to see the business card. I live in Stirling.
Bryce Crawford
15 March 2010 12:43:22
I have an old business card in the name of G Paterson High Street Tillicoultry Does any know anything about it I think ii must be pre 2nd world war maybe even first
Joanna Mitchell
20 February 2010 11:07:05
Hi all

I'v been doing my family tree and have come to a dead end, i'm trying to find out who my great grandfather was married to, John Mitchell 28.12.1891, he died in a mining accident Alloa pit in 1927, also how many children he had. His father was Robert Mitchell 1858, both from Tillicoultry, he sadly also died in accident Alloa Pit, 3.11.33, i read on Scotland's mining history he was well thought off, married to Elizabeth Hunter, if anybody has any photo's stories etc, would be much appreciated
John Hunter
07 February 2010 19:14:18
Hi Ian,Jock Hunter here,living in Sauchie now after a 5-6 year stint in St Ninians,been on the site a few times,and just want to say,congratulations!!, on the website,a job well done Ian.You always were very community spirited Ian,it`s nice to know some people really care enough about their community,to try and promote it ,to a world wide audience,best wishes, Jock.
Donna Lemaitre(nee Dickie)
07 February 2010 18:47:06
Hiya just come across this site, I remember Joe Fagin from the ochil hills, and night magic,joe and his leather suits, magic,used to run with Mike Bailey,had capris,good times,
Vivienne Fagan Oliveira
04 February 2010 08:47:08
I loved looking at all the pictures. Apparently like everyone else on this site, I lived on Johnson Cres. I now live in Alberta, Canada. Hello to all the Fagans, miss you!
mary helen robinson
29 January 2010 20:20:19
can any one help with photo of samuel robinson he live in tillicoultry and play golf at tilly in 1970 if yes get in touch with my email thanks
Isobel Brown
27 January 2010 04:04:38
I am hoping somebody knows John Welch, I think he used to live in Chappelle Cres and he had an older brother , please pass on my email and ask him to get in touch . Thanks
don stalker
21 January 2010 11:37:33
Looking forward to my next visit to the area but until then I appreciate the efforts oft he folks that keep the website up to date.
.....Webmaster Reply, thanks for that the website is under going upgrade. Some of links did not work, info out of date etc. However it all takes time, we need people to tell us if a link does not work etc. Hope you enjoy your next visit to Tillicoultry, if you take any photos and would like them on Th site let me know.

les laviolette
16 January 2010 14:15:56
I lived in tillicoultry from 1957 till 1960 and went to alloa academy is there anyone from those early days who remembers me. If so could you please get in touch
Valerie Campbell nee Forsyth
02 January 2010 18:12:59
Happy New Year to everyone in Tilly who knows me. All the best for 2010.
Rosemary Lyon Nesbitt
22 December 2009 03:27:36
I lived in Tilly in the 1960's our Dr.Ross was our Dr.there was also Dr Andrew Ross and his sister Dr Margaret I was wondering if any or all were still there tks
Bryce Crawford
21 December 2009 21:22:17
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to all who knew me in Union Street & Cunninghar Drive
18 December 2009 12:29:41
Merry Christmas to everyone and all the best for 2010
Ian (webmaster of this site)
(Please add your christmas messages for your family and friends)
David H Cowie
18 December 2009 04:13:54
Merry Christmas and a guid New Year to you all and all the best for 2010
stephen mckay
06 December 2009 19:35:58
well what a quick year coming up for 23rd dec anniversary of brothers sad departure from the family one year ago only you and me left now dad, we will have a bevy for john and i dont even drink down here in leeds,so it will be couple pints and good memories in woolpack on 23rd see you soon stephen mckay anybody that knows me wilson binnie hope youve lost weight and keeping fit sitting all day in a lorry is a killer,good luck and merry xmas to all the troops in alfganistan.
Cindy Phillips
21 November 2009 23:09:31
My grandmother was Jeannie Patterson. She was born in Tillicoultry. She married Donald Jackson from Alloa. She emigrated to Canada in 1926/1927. Are there any Pattersons related to my grandmother still living in Tillicoultry? I am now living in Essex, just outside of London. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
Zack Garifalou
17 November 2009 10:50:54
I would like to know if there any Art club in Tillicoultry.
Thank you
Rachael Swanson
01 November 2009 02:41:21
Hi I am looking for my Dads half sister, her name is Gloria Straiton nee Swanson from Alloa. My dads name was James. I live in Australia and it would be great to hear from anyone who knows her
Ian (webmaster)
30 October 2009 15:58:22
Looking for info on a war veteran who was stationed inGroningen Netherlands at the end of the war. His name is Teddy, his parents Renny and Albert Bos. His is in a a picture at Murray Square. any ifo most welcome
David A. Wilson
15 October 2009 01:42:55
I visited Tillicoultry this past August because my family came from there. Everyone I met was friendly & helpful. I visited most of your pubs and wished I could have stayed longer.
Iain Brown
30 September 2009 20:29:26
Just found this by accident. Stayed in church grove from 1973 to 1990.

Still visit often. Still iss some stuff from the old place. Hope all are well

David Boyle
28 August 2009 03:22:59
I noticed that under my last message there is a message from a Alex Allan.
If Alex reads this, I am wondering if you had any relatives that moved to Canada?I had relatives by the Allan name and Alex Allan was my Uncle.These Allans I am referring to live in Port Credit Ontario, Port Credit was a area of Mississauga Ontario.Mississauga Ontario is the first city west of Toronto..
Dave Boyle
10 August 2009 00:23:38
I just wanted to say hello.
I am the first born Canadian from a family that moved to Canada after WW2.
My mother was from Tillicoultry.
Her name was Catherine Allan Wallace(Boyle).Her parents were Thomas Renton Wallace and Catherine Allan Wallace.
Thomas and Catherine also moved to Canada.
I am now in Edmonton Alberta.I lived in Windsor Ontario, Toronto Ontario and Vancouver British Columbia.
Take care
Alex Allan
09 August 2009 21:21:31
Met up with Paul Nesbit and his wife Arlene at Billy & Elaine Straiton's house on thursday 6th August 2009.Couldn't believe it after 43 years! and he recognised me.We were also joined by James Drummond and Stewart Murray later in the evening.Had a fantastic night talking about old times.Got some great photos.
This re-union came about as a direct result of the Guest book on the Tillicoultry Web Page. Webmaster-Ian, keep up the good work.
Alex Allan
30 July 2009 20:20:43
In reply to Mary, sept 2008-re Myra Cleminson.
I have heard the name from old discussions within myfamily.
I 'm not sure if we are related. My mums a Cleminson (Betty). My uncle Tom Cleminson emigrated to New Zealand many many years ago.I once met him when he came back to visit his mother in Sauchie hospital.He also met up with his brother Jim Cleminson on the same visit.My Grandad and Gran (John and Isabella) had 2 sons,Jim and Tom and 3 daughters. Betty (my mum)and Margaret who were twins and their younger sister Isobel.
16 July 2009 08:28:31




billy straiton
14 July 2009 23:20:11
hi all! just to say paul nesbitt who was brought up at 48 johnstone crescent now living in canada will be visiting tilli at end of this month into aug. anybody wanting more info let me know and i will keep ya informed.. he has been asking about alistair mcintyre. jimmy drummond alex allen betty martin...anybody still remember him?
Tomasz Passendorfer
12 July 2009 08:35:59
Hello Webmaster, my grandfather lived in Tillycoultry during WW2. He was a major in the polish regiment. I have some pictures from Tillycoultry and want to share them with you. I will visit Tillycoultry in week 30, most probably on the 23rd or 24th of July. I would love to see the place my grandfather lived for some years ! Maybe we could meet.

Webmaster Reply:- looking forward to meeting you, Ian
David A. Wilson
07 July 2009 00:10:19
I'll be in your communities on August 4. 2009 looking for family who lived at 39 High St. & Stirling St., Tillicoultry about 1900. Also:Stirling St., Silver St. 24 James St., 9 7 13 Park St. Duke St. &
Cardene Row, Alva. and 9 & 15 Park St Sauchie
13 June 2009 22:03:25
Heeyy everyone xx
My name is seda and iam coming to Scottland/Tillicoultry to a exchange.
Iam from Germany and iam very excited to come to scottland.

I love all my friends there in scottland.Kiss u all.. xx
David A. Wilson
12 June 2009 21:31:29
Relative search.
My grandparents lived in Tillicoultry in 1900.
Alexander Wilson [born Oct 20, 1875] & Jeanie Knox Wilson [ June 28, 1876]
Alexander had the following brothers & sisters.
Helen, James, Archie, Annie, Christina, Robert & William.

Am I related to anyone in the area?
Reuben B. Reynolds
01 June 2009 22:42:25
I posted two entries on your site Ian on 4th and 5th Feb. '09,
re' pending visit to an old army friend of mine who lives in Tullibody. You kindly
responded to my call
for help as to where
I might get B&B for a
couple of nights, suggesting WYVIS.
In the event it turned
out my friend was able to find room for
me and I spent from 20th to 22nd May in the company of my old army mate 82 yr.
old and his wife. Best 2 day holiday I have ever had. Did not manage to get to
the Woolpack for a pint together as we had planned, but did even better with a visit to the "Black Swan" in Kelso where we had a very good meal and a good glass of wine. Tip-top meal and service at the Swan and I would recomend them. I do not think I'll ever be lucky enough to visit
Scotland again so guess I'll just have to
be satisfied with the
occassional visit to your web pages and those of the Tullibody website.
Long may you prosper.
Charles Ross
18 May 2009 17:52:12
Dr Ross passed away 18months ago. Feel free to contact me if you need any other information.
George W. Ross
14 May 2009 17:50:37
Does anyone have any information about my old G.P., Dr Andrew Ross who was there when I lived there in the 1970s.
patricia fenwick (fagan)
08 April 2009 15:34:11
what a great site. Loved the photographs, we lived in stalker ave then the high street so i recognised so much. Looking forward to Joe's 50th in a couple of weeks.
Lorraine Fischer
27 March 2009 21:50:47
My great-grand parents were John & Jane Bennett Barnard of Tillicoultry. My sister & I visited there in 1985 but found no one who admitted relationship! When they emigrated to Canada, they left a married daughter (Paterson ??). John & Jane returned to Scotland in the first part of the twentieth century. I believe the rest of the siblings stayed in N. America. My grandmother was Janet Barnard.
David A> Wilson
27 March 2009 20:20:56
My grandparents lived in Tillicoultry in the late 1800's. Their names were Alexander Wilson & Jean Knox. I plan to visit there in August
marion mccallum
19 March 2009 14:26:23
i am doing my famil tree and trying to find information about my ancestors my grand father has conections with tillicoutry about 1880or there abouts his name was thomas wilson and he married catherine wilson
moira fleming
11 March 2009 17:18:10
Great old Photos! But no info about when or what in the pictures... somebody must know something. eg High Street ... What can be seen? Where was UP Church in 1860s?
Tracy Straiton
07 March 2009 17:35:36
Hi everyone - Adrian Brogan I remember you - hope you are fine...Hi Roberto (Smiler) speak to you on facebook soon... And hi everyone else who pops in and knows me... and yes I am a quite living person - not the wild one you remember......
Isabell Stanley
11 February 2009 15:46:33
my grandmother was born in Hill street Tillicoultry in 1893 her maiden name was McAndrew her father and grandfather were both named felix McAndrew are there any McAndrew or Stalkers still in Tillicoultry.
Laura Parker
08 February 2009 21:35:46
My mother was evacuated from London in August 1939 to Tillicoultry by Jaeger to work for Mr Turner in the A1 Workroom Coats. The Devonside Mill was where she worked which was the old Patons Mill. Her name was Laura Parker and she married a local lad George Macfarlane. Both of them send their love to anyone who is listening. They used to dance at Sauchie Hall two or three times a week!
Reuben B. Reynolds
05 February 2009 11:20:28
A public thank you to web-master Ian for a very quick and useful response to my post. Thankyou Ian.

.............pleased I could help enjoy your pint...Ian
Reuben B. Reynolds
04 February 2009 14:50:52
Hello Scotland. I hope a Sassenach from Leicestershire in England is welcome to your site. I am hoping to visit an old friend who lives in Tillibody, and who I served with in the armed forces 64 years ago, maybe in April. Visiting your site while browsing to look for a B & B in Tillicoultry. Hoping to fly to Edinburgh airport, B & B two nights in Tillicoultry, meet my friend in the Woolpack Inn for couple of pints.
83 years old so don't want to be too far from Woolpack.

Webmaster reply:- hope you enjoy your stay in Tillicoultry the nearest B & B to the Woolpack is:- WYVIS and is within walking distance
Paul Nesbitt
22 January 2009 21:42:04
RE: Tribune
It used to take as long to count the money after we were done, as it was to deliver the paper!
Our route was all of High Street from one end to the other (East to West), including Moss Road.
Wow, all of that work for sixpence!!!!!!

Kirstin Davidson
15 January 2009 15:22:17
Hello! I will be visiting Tillicoultry in July this year (2009) and am researching the Robertson family who left Tilly in 1920. My grandfather was David Robertson. He and his bothers and parents (David and Sarah Robertson, married June 12, 1902) lived at #10 Park Street. I am thrilled to see the photo of Park Street on this site! When I was in Tilly in 2006 I met Lorna Paterson at the Library and she very kindly gave me directions around town. I have lost touch with her and would like to be in contact again. Thank-you for any help you can give! Kirstin Davidson
Bryce Crawford
14 January 2009 21:41:14
I remember the Tribune & Arthur Bett who owned it. The paper boys not only had to deliver the paper but fold it, all for one halfpenny per paper delivered. The tips usually exceeded the pay
Paul Nesbitt
14 January 2009 20:56:05
Does anybody rememeber the weekly paper called the Tribune?
Our paper route was handed down from brother to brother in the mid 60's
I recall having to deliver on a weekly basis and have to ask for a penny and a half
It did not take long for my pockets to wear out!
Rab Griffiths
14 January 2009 08:41:04
Hi Gina,nice to see you here on this fantastic webside I tried your e-mail but keep getting message that your address is wrong.Plese try and send me an e-mail rabbie@online.no.Hello to all and a very happy new year from Norway :-)
Paul Nesbitt
13 January 2009 20:16:42
Ian (webmaster) I will be travelling to Scotland in July of this year 2009, we are bringing over a U14 boys Football Team.
Are you aware of anyone that I could contact to see if they are interested in a friendly match?
Of coarse all the details have to be ironed out, but if you think of anyone could you please advise via my e-mail address?


Webmaster:-Anyone interested in the above
stephen mckay
11 January 2009 11:52:18
Thanks to everyone that attended ,my brothers funeral.john mckay.£138.00 was raised for the r.n.l.i. thank you everyone wool pack catering was fantastic,steve mckay ps. hi ya viv and scott,glad you were ther for us lisa and steve xxx.and kids.
Ian (webmaster)
10 January 2009 10:08:13
Re the Laird, Hunter Miller families can you please give some more info ie street they lived in.

Paul Nesbitt
09 January 2009 20:13:20
Cheers Billy:

Just the misses and me, bairns are all grown up.
Going to tour around London, get back up to Tilly later
Probably staying with relatives
Give me a shout at my e-mail address for all detals
my e-mail address is keepercoach@rogers.com
billy straiton
09 January 2009 12:15:09
hi again paul. pints are always lined up! nice card for xmas.you gotta keep me posted about your plans.. how many are visiting?dates?can you stay at our place? get back soon
Gina Priestley
06 January 2009 20:35:22
Rab in Norway. If you look at 2/5/06 you will find my e-mail address, would love to hear from you. Also webmaster, was wondering if you knew any one from the Laird, Hunter Miller families as my mum was Laird. gran was a Hunter and great gran was a Millar? Gina
Gina Priestley
06 January 2009 10:47:34
Happy New year to all in Tilly, and also to cousin Rab in Norway.
Is Tommy Straiton any relation to Billy who worked at the Bliar Drummond safari park? It would be nice to get in touch. Gina.
05 January 2009 23:23:39
stephen forgot to admit the time,
8th january 08,
1pm falkirk crem,
friends n family welcome back to the woolpack inn tillicoultry..
viv mcburney
05 January 2009 23:21:58
hey stephen, see ya when u get back up but hope yall r good, were keeping a eye on lisa n frank for ya.. to muh big bro jock, miss ya already babes x
stephen mckay
31 December 2008 22:52:20
thanks jock davidson,big brother john didnt listen about the drink the lager full of toxins but john seem to enjoy it he just gave up in the end ? R.I.P.brother see you in the future stephen x funeral 8th jan falkirk crematoriam no flowers please.
24 December 2008 19:48:16
24 December 2008 11:00:48
Hi again up for xmas to c my 3 sisters and jock d best wishes to anyone who remembers me. hi pie, fraz and john mcrindle bye for now.
Debra John
21 December 2008 11:05:55
This website is great really brought back loads of good memories. Been away from Tilly for nineteen years but love coming back its where me and my big sis karen grew up and have tons of great memories and stories that I now share with my kids ITS A WONDERFUL PLACE
Ian Millar
20 December 2008 17:49:30
Merry Christmas to all my relations in Australia: Billy, Mark/Beth and family, Brain/Fiona and family
Ian Millar (webmaster)
20 December 2008 17:45:54
Hi David nice to hear from you have a merry Christmas
David H Cowie
20 December 2008 13:16:19
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Dubbo. The Hub of the West.

stephen mckay
17 December 2008 12:56:38
merry xmas 2008 now quick year just been in touch with happy hanson used to live in tillicoultry lives in leeds all the best to everyone 2009 hallo joe fagan long time?pye
Paul Nesbitt
11 December 2008 18:11:01
Hey Billy Straiton, nice to see you back "on line", hope you are well, you had a question to my sister Rosemary:
We lived right beside you, you daft Willy up unitl 1966
Just letting you know, my wife and I will be visiting in July 2009, get the pints lined up!!!!!
09 December 2008 11:37:44
Loved your winter background with Santa etc
Was in UK in May/June 2008 after 42 years in Australia. Saw a Bambi cross the road near Sheriffmuir. Lived in Tillicoultry 18 years. Never seen one before in the wild.
Merry Xmas
dlnbilly straiton
06 December 2008 23:16:49
hi rosemary when did ya stay in johnstone cresc?
Ian Millar
02 December 2008 15:56:10
Hi Rab,

Thanks for your comments a Merry Xmas to you too and all the visitors to this site.
Ian (webmaster)
PS please feel free to post festive greetings on this site
Rab Griffiths
02 December 2008 11:44:56
Hi folks just like to say I stumbled across this site by chance, very informative keep up the good work.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all fom Norway.

rosemary lyon
24 November 2008 18:03:38
I worked at Campbells for about 5 years and would like to know if there is ant where I can have some kilts made in my own tarten
rosemary lyon
24 November 2008 00:20:18
I am looking for Margaret Bowie I went to school with you and my brother Bob went with your brother and I think my husband was some how relaeted to you would love to hear from you
Rosemary Lyon
23 November 2008 20:06:12
I knew a Mary Cleminson, her and her sister, mom and dad lived across the road from us on Johnson Cres.
Brian Hunter
22 November 2008 19:23:07
Re Mary, I remember your mother Myra also your Uncle John. I lived across your mums back garden in the High Street. Your mum will remember my sisters better, Margaret, Dorothy and Janet. Hope everyones well
the fraz
18 November 2008 22:46:49
joe fagan, are ye havin yer 50th up here, or a big stag night in stoke wi all yer old mates invited? hard to believe yiv been away 21 years,it wis aboot that time ye started turning gray! aw the best when it comes
james the fraz fraser
18 November 2008 22:32:02
alex jamieson,originally from crook of devon? what are you doing in scarburgh? get back up to civilisation!
14 November 2008 22:05:06
billy straiton
12 November 2008 20:34:16
hi just been checkin out the site. not been on the web in ages! will get in touch with all lost pals as soon as work allows. and thanks alex allan for your note on our mate billy dalziels passing. he is never far from my thoughts. see ya all soon
15 September 2008 14:02:56
Does anybody remember my mum, Mary (Myra Cleminson)? My mum grew up in Tillicoultry and left to come to New Zealand when she was 14 years old.
Paul Nesbitt
05 September 2008 20:22:09
Alistair McIntyre, where are you?
As well as Billy, Peter or Tommy Straighton

02 August 2008 16:56:48
donna mccarry
31 July 2008 20:19:40
james.mccarry169@btinternet.com hi my graet graet graet graet graet grandad was born in alloa and he was born in 1821 his name was robert mccarrt (mccarey) his father was stafford mccarry and his mum is jane mclachlan and thay came from glasgow hope you can help us thank you yours donna mccarry and jimmy mccarry
donna mccarry
30 July 2008 18:05:38
hi my graet graet graet graet graet grandad was born in alloa and he was born in 1821 his name was robert mccarrt (mccarey) his father was stafford mccarry and his mum is jane mclachlan and thay came from glasgow hope you can help us thank you yours donna mccarry and jimmy mccarry
Bryce Crawford
12 July 2008 22:16:58
just wondering if Bill Sinclair is the same person who went to Alva Academy at the same time as myself
B1ll Sinclair
10 July 2008 18:28:31
A great site especially the photographs which brought back memories of climbing in the Ochils in my formative years and many other happy days. I live in Dunfermline now but my heart will always be in Tilly.
John Morris
01 July 2008 20:09:33
I stumbled onto your site last night. Next thing I know I read a comment from a Monica Ratcliff about Castle Craig. I remembered the name from the back of a picture I have somewhere in the house. I have picture of it as that is where my Grandfather was from. It would appear at first brush that Monica may be my Mothers second cousin. I there is any way I could find Monica's email address it would be greatly appreciated. It would be interesting to make the connection between her and my Mom.

Excellent website and I'll be spending some time here as I plan to visit Tillicoultry next year.

John Morris
Squamish, B.C.
Paul Nesbitt
30 June 2008 20:07:09
Still a geat site!
Keep checking in every once i while
The "Nesbitt" Clan moved from 48 Johnston Crescent in 1966, moved to Oshawa Ontario Canada. We have been there since.
E-mail me if you like to chat.
Rhoda Lauder (Meldrum)
20 June 2008 18:14:28
Someone pointed me in this direction. Still living in tilly. 3 children & 1 grandchild.
maryjane nee walker campbell brown
10 June 2008 19:18:20
just found the site looking for hotel. was born and bread in tilly, left in 1977/78 not to sure stay in fife now with my family still visit all the time my brother still lives there and i take my mother back to see her brother and friends if anyone does know me get in touch great site im sure im on one of the old photos my brother to you all take care hope to here from someone soon i lived in eastertoon then chappelle it was all fun ta ta the noo
wullie kerr
07 May 2008 14:42:11
found this site only a few weeks ago boy did this bring back some memories born in tilly in1958 left 1973 with my mum twin brother andy ,and little sister jenifer my eldest sister stay lived in stirling now living in alva get back from time to time some of the names I came across brought back a lot of happy thoughts will try and catch up with some of them, bye for now
Alex Jamieson
04 May 2008 01:11:33
lived inTilly many years went to Primary 7 then Fir park , alva Academy.Have many good memories. Have still got family staying there. I now live in Scarborough North Yorkshire. Just like to say hello to anyone who may remember me
A Brogan
20 April 2008 15:44:38
My Dads name is Jim, lives in Spain now. I still remember Peggy And most of the other families that lived on Church Grove, i used to play up and down the street with James Brown, great times as a kid.
15 April 2008 19:36:50
Adrian Brogan
13 April 2008 17:10:40
Great web site!! I stayed on Hamilton st back in 78/79 went to tilly primary and then up to Fir park, i can even mind when they put up the ski slope, my gran and grandad stayd on Church Grove they were Maggie and Paddy Brogan(does anybody remember them) miss Tilly great place to grow up.
10 April 2008 09:09:15
re: john mcrindel, i know Joe Fagan and i also remember yourself, if your the same guy that stayed at the top of mayfield avenue.
If you want to get in touch with joe drop me aN E-mail and i will pass your details on to him.
John McCrindle
02 April 2008 21:35:02
does anybody remember Gordon Turner his dad used to work for the telephone company also Joe Fagan, what a great website brings back some great memories growing up in Tilly, cheers John McCrindle
Brian Mackay
31 March 2008 15:18:09
Just visiting - was looking for any information on tracking fown my Great Grandfather, Charles Mackay (father Robert Mackay, mother Mary Mackay, born in 1872 in Tillicoultry. He later married at 28 to Charlotte Robinson in Perth, then moved to Glasgow where he died in 1916.
Rosemary Lyon [Nesbitt]
19 March 2008 19:14:05
Hi its me again I was think of some other people I knew Rosamomd Mcauly she work at the d c l with me and also at the best fish and chip store in Alvaalso made really go egg sandwiches for work.I remember a boy in my class he was called John Cousins. I didnot like school so stay pretty much on me own also everyone called us yanks and we were from Canada. I alos remember a girl with red hair her name was Sheila and she lived on the same street as us i
Rosemary Lyon [Nesbitt]
17 March 2008 17:36:34
I hope that you are sitting down I am at long last replying to your e mail I remember the name but I can't see your face .I married James Lyon from Alva and stayd with his mum at Greenhead for about 2years we had one son there then we came to Canada with my sister Heather and her hubby that would be 1966 we have stayed in Oshawa all this time .James passed away 2years ago .hope to hear from you ask Janet to write best to all os you
Jakub S.
28 February 2008 00:17:00
I knew several years ago a girl from Tillicoultry, her name was Rosa Clifford. I lost contact with her. She studied Law ad Dundee University, and as I saw there she graduated.

Can anyone help me find her, please?

XGareth Thompson
17 February 2008 16:47:42
Loved looking at all the old photos. I brought back some good memories.
bryce crawford
06 February 2008 18:42:10
bryce crawford Details there is information on various sites on the streets of tilly except union street. this is where I was born @ no 43 in 1938 does anyone have any info on the street & its inhabitants or where I can research such info Postal address 26 baberton mains lea
Post / Zip code eh14 3hb
Margaret Young Steel
24 January 2008 00:26:21
Moved to USA (California) in '52 with my parent Bill & Margaret Young. Lived in Coalsnaughton on School Terrace. Parents were active in the Masons and Eastern Star. Father a great bowler at the Tillicoultry Bowling Club. Father worked at Harlands and mother at Hewitts. Have not been to Scotland for a few years but have wonderful memories.
Lilian Venters
11 January 2008 00:00:00
Hi, my name is Lilian Venters (Robertson) and I live in South Africa. My paternal family came from Tillicoultry in about 1941 to South Africa. My grandparents were William Thomas and Jean Aitken Robertson. I'm really interested to find out more about them and their life in Scotland.
30 December 2007 00:00:00
My name is Eileen Henning(Beveridge) just like to say i left Tilly in l957, lived in Johnstone Cres. I finally got back in July this year for 2 nights and a day, was far too short, i am hoping to visit in the next year, to all my relatives which i did not see, hope to see you soon Eileen
Emma Alexander
23 December 2007 00:00:00
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
Webmaster Reply:- Merry Christmas to you Emma and all the many visitorsto this site Ian
19 December 2007 00:00:00
tilly glen is my fave walk ever. i just keep coming back. well worth travelling to & lovely people!!!!!
pye stephen mckay
18 November 2007 00:00:00
hallo everyone in tilly and surrounds yet another xmas draws closer now.2007 nearly gone its been a hard,year in the driving game going into teaching now passed first exam monday.going to be a link advisor putting people into work after teaching them security course,should be fun some right numties in leeds.hope alls well athought for all the binnie family it will be a sad time.hope to see you soon wilson frank keeps saying theres no room at the inn? frank you only live once,could murder a pint not had one for over a year due to work commitments i think i will work to live instead of living to work?well thats about it ian love going over old tilly photos.well merry xmas and new year to everyone in tilly .god bless ruby deapley missed anyone wanting my web address its shameddriver@msn.com easy???
04 November 2007 00:00:00
tillicoultry is the best!
Brian Hunter
19 October 2007 00:00:00
Re Bryce Crawford, I used to play football with you in the public park.
Rosemary Nesbitt I was at school with you, Janet OMalley lives 100yds. from me.
Norman Lockhart, you were my next door neighbour in Church Grove, I still stay in
Church Grove. Hope this finds all well.
William Burnette
18 October 2007 00:00:00
Hello Tillicoultry
My name is William Burnette, I'm from the US and bout to deploy to Iraq, I have a close friend who lives in Tilly and I plan on taking my leave there in a few months. From what I've seen and read your home is beautifull and I look forward to spending a relaxing few weeks there. If anyone knows Simone Irvine please give her my regards. Good day to you all. Best of luck and wishes.
William Burnette
Zelda Lithgow
12 October 2007 00:00:00
Hi, I just wondered if my old schoolfriend Rhoda Meldrum(I can't remember her married name) is still in Tilly, and how she is getting on. I haven't seen her since my kids were babies and the oldest is now 28, if anyone knows her can they point her in this direction, I'd love to catch up again. Thanks
12 October 2007 00:00:00
a big hello to everyone in tilly from canada,if you see wee betty bowes please tell her hello to her thanks heather
Enid Harlow
10 October 2007 00:00:00
My grandfather Thomas Bateman Laing was born in Tily way back 1885,son of Helen Laing,raised by Peter Laing & Elizabeth Graham.Have been work. on Family Hist. since 1776,just wondering if there are any family members,Paterson 1st wife,,Laing or Graham 2nd wife.Peter died 1921.Have been to Tily 4x and it is beautiful......
10 October 2007 00:00:00
I forgot to add in my prev email that I was from Canada. Also I have some old books in my poss. that belonged to my grandmother Janet Dawson of Alva andwere iss by Alva Sch Board for Park Place School in 1893-84 does anybody know of this school. And also one iss to my g.uncle Robt Dawson who died in 1906,this one was given to him by the Boys 7 Girls Religious Society.I do treasure these books but am also interested in the People that iss them to my grandma & her brother.Many Thamks
24 September 2007 00:00:00

i left tilly bout 2 yrs ago when i was nearly 11. im now 13 n im in 3rd yr . i left tilly in 2005 when i was in primary 7 n i had a leaving party
if any1 1 cn memba me cos i cn memba u
plz get in contact


Jim Gillespie
21 September 2007 00:00:00
Bryce re The Red Bridge - The road to the bridge was referred to as 'Along the Lie (or Lye)'. After the bridge there were two coal bings, the tailings from the coal mine. Between the bings and the River Devon was a flat area probably prepared to take another bing. We used to play football on this area using driftwood from the river as goalposts until banned by our mothers who didn't like the look of our black feet and having to wash our socks of the coal dust!
william drysdale
19 September 2007 00:00:00
hullo to tillicoultry from wulluie drysdale .Ihave just introduced wattie beaton to your siteand hope he finds long lost friends from coalsnaughton
Bryce Crawford
14 September 2007 00:00:00
I left Tilly some 40 years ago & have forgotten the location of the Red Bridge
Can Anyone help

Wbmaster Reply
Hi Bryce,
If you went over the railway crossing turned left and went along the dirt track to the old mine you would come to the bridge
Bryce Crawford
11 September 2007 00:00:00
to S Ross
if you look at Tillicoultry photos you will see a picture 'John & Nellie' (surname Harrower) outside thir shop in Stirling Street
S Ross
09 September 2007 00:00:00
About Harrowers in Stirling St. ...You sure it was called Harrowers
07 September 2007 00:00:00
Hi there,
I stay in Tilly and I'm thinking of starting a free, unplugged and informal music evening mid week in the the town. I've had some interest already but I'm not sure what would be a good venue. Pub maybe? Is there still a room upstairs in the Woolpack? Would love to hear from performers and non-performers alike.
Julie Walker
16 August 2007 00:00:00
My name is Julie Walker and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I was holidaying in Scotland recently and managed to visit your Church of Scotland Cemetery in search of any graves and/or headstones of my Great Great Grandfather's family. I managed to find a Headstone dedicated to the memory of Robert Cairns who died 26th October 1877; his daughters and wife. On the side of the obelisk was a memorial inscription to William Cairns Scott their son. My great great grandfather was Robert Cairns Scott, a Gold Miner from Tillicoultry, Scotland, who married a lady from Birmingham, England in 1860 in Sydney, Australia. I was wondering if you are able to provide a contact in Tillicoultry (or maybe even a relative) who would be prepared to do some research for me as I probably will not be able to visit Tillicoultry again. A gentleman that was tending the Cemetery thought that there are still members of the Cairns Scott family living in Tillicoultry. I would love to be able to email or write to anyone that may be able to help me.
Thanking you
Julie Walker
David Blair
08 August 2007 00:00:00
I have quickly scanned your contributors but don't immediately recognise any of the folks there. I left Tillicoultry in 1959, but grew up there, the son of Blair and Hunter's drapers in the High Street. I plan a nostalgic trip back to the Hillfoots on Tuesday 21st of this month - my mother and father were both buried in Tilly cemetary. I hope to play golf that morning at Dollar (as Tilly Golf club doesn't have a club hire facility). But6 I will aim to walk up the glen at Tilly ............
07 August 2007 00:00:00
hi i used to play for tillicoultry primary girls football team and got player of the year in 2000-2001 i was wondering if anyone could help me to see where i will get the photos up on the net for this would be great if anyone could help me.
26 July 2007 00:00:00
M White
24 July 2007 00:00:00
Many thanks for answers re. Harrowers shop in Stirling Street, much appreciated.

Bill Neal
12 July 2007 00:00:00
A very informative Site.
L ynn heckerthorn
10 July 2007 00:00:00
Wonderful website! My gggrandfather Thomas William Bowden and his wife Agnes Millar were married there on August 3,1883. They emmigrated to the States in 1905 with children William, Margaret, Agnes, James, and Robert. William worked in the mine and I have old photos to share if anyone is interested. I am told that a cousin, Mary McKee is still in the area. I hope to visit soon to do a little research in your beautiful city. Lynn Heckerthorn - Bay City, Michigan USA
G Ross
06 July 2007 00:00:00
About Harrower's on Stirling St... was called Harrower's... used to stop there for sweeties on the way down to school
william drysdale
06 July 2007 00:00:00
just to say hullo from wullie in north wales
Emma Alexander
30 June 2007 00:00:00
I was the 15 000 visitor a week or two ago.
John E. Logan
30 June 2007 00:00:00
Enjoyed your website.. My Gran was born in Tillicoultry, Margaret Stewart, Married John Logan a woolen mill dyer and later moved to Ontario Canada. I must visit your town one
day, it looks beautiful.. Best Wishes from Kitchener, Ontario Canada
emma alexander
21 June 2007 00:00:00
i was the 15,000 visitor to this web site.I love tillicoultry.
good luck to all my friends when we start secondary school in August
hope the pars get back to the premier league next season!!!!!
Michael Wünsch
20 June 2007 00:00:00
Soon I will be in Tillicoultry. Me and my class are from Germany/Berlin. I hope, we will have a good time in Scotland especially in Tillicoultry and in our families : ).

Webmaster reply:- I hope you enjoy your visit
Best regards Michael Wünsch
william drysdale
08 May 2007 00:00:00
maybe you know mary and margaret drysdale who worked in hewitts (Heather Nesbitt}
Hilary Jarman
01 May 2007 00:00:00
I have just come across this site whilst researching my family tree. Just found out that my 3xgt. gandmother came from Tillicoultry. Her name was Jane Bennie/Bonnie' married to George Henderson. Her parents were Alexander Benny/Bennie/Bonnie & Cecilia Lyddal. who married in 1769 in Tilly. It looks a beautiful place. I live in France so have to rely on the internet for visiting these places. Anyone else interested in Family History.
j h macmillan
29 April 2007 00:00:00
harrowers shop, was a grocery store.he also sold petrol and rented out lockup garages.he then sold up.a mr hunter took over and sold car parts.
thats all i can remember, hope this helps.
16 April 2007 00:00:00
Im not sure, but was it not called Harrowers
M White
12 April 2007 00:00:00
Great website, particularly the photographs! I've lived in Tillicoultry all my life (currently in Stirling Street).

Does anyone have any information about the shop that used to be in Stirling Street (next to the now demolished factory)? I vaguely remember at some stage in the early 1980s that it sold motorcycle spares. I think it was once a grocery-type store (I've seen the old photo on this website). It was converted into two flats circa 1985. I'd be really pleased to hear anyone's comments/memories about it.

Best wishes,

PS - glorious sunshine here in Tilly today; long may it continue!!
eileen Henning
08 April 2007 00:00:00
Andy Beveridge, m y beloved dad died 9th May 2006, he and my mother lived in Tilly till l957 in Johnstone Cres. Mom lives in South Africa, anyone remembering her is welcome to contact me. , her name is Elizabeth and she was born in Avla (nee Hepburn)
Bryce Crawford
06 April 2007 00:00:00
I lived at 12 Cunninghar Drive from 1955 to 1967 but sorry George ca't remember either you or any of thr Nesbit family
George Reid
05 April 2007 00:00:00
I thought it was about time someone added another comment. I lived at No 31 Johnston Crescent from 1955 until 1969 and although the name Nesbitt turns on a little light I just can't remember any of the mentioned names but greetings to you all anyway. :-)
heather nesbitt
24 March 2007 00:00:00
i remember that name i just can,t put a face mabe school william drysale early sixty,s tommy allan johnston twins.linda wilson .robert murray. great website hello tilly from canada
heather nee nesbitt
24 March 2007 00:00:00
anybody remember me fom school or working at hewitts knitwear
william drysdale
23 March 2007 00:00:00
still looking for bobby banks and john mclean . School mates at tiily sec.mod.
Rosemary Lyon Nesbitt
21 March 2007 00:00:00
looking for Janet OMalley from tilly tks
Paul Nesbitt
19 March 2007 00:00:00
Just checking back in, still great website.
Anybody who woudl care to contact any of the Nesbitt Family who lived on Johnstone Cres in the 60's please feel free to do so
Rosemary, Heather, Bobby, Skippy (has passed on) Maureen, Paul, Debbie & wee brother Andrew

Cheers keep up the good work from Canada!
bryce crawford
18 March 2007 00:00:00
I remember Alex Allan. He stayed in Jamieson Gardens & I was in the same primary class ( Miss Caldwell's)
jean graham
11 March 2007 00:00:00
Just found your website and reading others comments brought back a lot of memories for me. Your photos are great especially the ones with the trains and the prefabs. My father worked as a goods porter at the station loading up the paper from the Devonvale factory. Also I lived in the prefabs Ramsay Terrace in fact, this was after we moved from Westbourne Avenue. Keep up the good work and keep the memories coming.
Sandy Hunter
11 March 2007 00:00:00
Came across this site whilst 'trawling' the internet! Although I only spent 10 years of my younger life in Tilly I still regard it as home. My folks still live there. I remember you Alex Allan. I was upset to hear about Diesel's passing away as well. I only found out a few weeks ago. I also recognise a few other names listed in the Guestbook.
A nice 'Happy Memories' site!!
Ricky Tinto
17 February 2007 00:00:00
Good to see the site being used regularly by the people who once lived in Tillicoultry - I recognise a few names from Wayyyyyyyyyy Back ( says he laughing ) more power to your website
David (happy) hanson
14 February 2007 00:00:00
great site, i know alot of names on here that may know my brothers joe and james hanson or my dad joe hanson, my brother james used to get called happy, i have lived in tilly since 1969 and i am in stonyacre at the moment, and one very drunken afternoon in stirling 20 years ago got tillicoultry on a tattoo on my arm
08 February 2007 00:00:00
great site nice to see names from our teen years new user do not know e mail address yet still in old tilly bye
Alexis Kerr
31 January 2007 00:00:00
I'm from Tilly but living in Canada at the moment. its nice to look at the photos and feel at home again
Alex Allan
30 January 2007 00:00:00
Hi, I have just found this website in January 2007.I moved away from Tilicoultry in 1983.I only moved 20 miles as I now stay in Dunfermline.However I am in Tilly fairly often and still see many people from many years back.Sadly one of my recent visits was to attend the funeral of an old friend,Billy Dalziel (Deezel) who went through Primary school,Secondary school and ultimately served our time together in Weir Pumps.Billy will be sadly missed and brings back fond memories.Going through the visitors ,I recognise a lot of names of a lot of people from 20,30 and even 40 years ago.Hope you are all keeping well,I will visit the site periodically.
debra cote
29 January 2007 00:00:00
It chills me when I look at the places where my great grandparents and grandparents where born and married
debra cote
29 January 2007 00:00:00
I am the great granddaughter of John Barnard and Jane Bennett Barnard also of
William Whyte and Annie Paterson Whyte and the granddaughter of Andrew & Isabella Bernard. If you are a relative....please contact me.....thank you so much
william drysdale
27 January 2007 00:00:00
anyboby from tillicoultry regonise me from a long time ago
21 January 2007 00:00:00
hi used to live in tilly great to see it/ lots of memories
Gilbert Reid Lindsay
14 January 2007 00:00:00
I remember going to the cinema in Tilly only the clock tower is left standing
Brian Gilbert
09 January 2007 00:00:00
I love this little town
Brian Gilbert
09 January 2007 00:00:00
Hey all you people in tillicoultry!happy new year to all the ogilvie family!c u soon laura
william drysdale
03 January 2007 00:00:00
happy new year to all who remember me living in wales now
william drysdale
03 January 2007 00:00:00
thank you Jackie for recomending this site to me its great to look back and say i was there
emma alexander
01 January 2007 00:00:00
Happy new year to my mum, dad, friends and everyone in Tillicoultry.
stephen mckay
01 January 2007 00:00:00
meery xmas and happy new year john frank red lion woolpack and ian i worked over both pappers never stop.happy new year as well come for a beer on next holiday when its warmer orra best stephen lisa kassey and scott.god bless ruby....
30 December 2006 00:00:00
Happy New Year Ian and everyone in Scotland
from Manchester UK.

David Cowie
26 December 2006 00:00:00
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Dubbo.New South Wales.Australia
25 December 2006 00:00:00
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Manchester.
Malcolm Crawford
20 December 2006 00:00:00
A merry christmas and a happy new year. to Tillicoultry and everyone there from
New Zealand.
20 December 2006 00:00:00
Merry Christmas to Billy Millar in Australia from wee brother Ian
20 December 2006 00:00:00
Merry Christmas to everyone and all the best for 2007 (webmaster)
derek mcintosh
17 December 2006 00:00:00
would like to wish everyone in tilly a merry exmas and a happy new year.with special thoughts towards ;bob black in the volunteer arms;andy mcbride.and davie walker.i will be home next summer for a visit with my two daughters [who by the way are nipping my head as they want to see the glen].tilly close to my heart,take care everyone,miss you all .derek mcintosh
C clayton
13 December 2006 00:00:00
spent many a happy summer in kirktouln garden with my cousin Robert, and so have fond memories of Tilli, and many an illicit trip to the woolpack over the Christmas period. hope to visit again and see the Ochills once more.
08 December 2006 00:00:00
Merry Christmas to everyone from Ian (webmaster)
Bill McMurray
08 December 2006 00:00:00
Great site. Interested to read some of the comments and questions. I started off life at Breahead then moving to Hill Street. I moved back to Tilly in 1988 and have lived at the top of the sandy hole since then. (just round the corner from where the ropeswing). I also remember the ropeswing under the railway bridge at MarchGlen. Sounds as if I spent my time hanging around.
Kevin Moran
02 December 2006 00:00:00
Sorry too hear about the death of Willie Binnie. I spent a few hours with Willie driving up and down the road.
I now live in the USA, far removed form the shelter at the bus station, and the night's spent in the Ochill Hills club gassed oot ma brain's, but they were the best.
Thank's for a great website.
Kevin Moran
mike fagan
24 November 2006 00:00:00
Love your page remember some of the names on the site, does any one recall having fish and chips at arhur cowens chip shop ,next door to at that time barrys pub also the rope swing under the railway bridge down march glen .
16 November 2006 00:00:00
stephen mckay
21 October 2006 00:00:00
talked to danny and derek will be meeting soon all the best to your website 25 years has past
stephen mckay
13 October 2006 00:00:00
dereck mckintosh halo is your brother in coventry at asda secuirity send him my e mail address do you have one ? lynne doig halo i remember you alans sister richard tinto i lived 14 westbourn ave im sure iused to help your mum do the garden how are you long time ago before i lost it up top in the seventies they were bad years great phots good web sight does tillicoultry have achat sight ?to many murders down here leeds has changed over the last 10 years very modern but a lot of crime very unsafe city not a patch on tillicoultry youth and drug problem its everywhere we spend lots of time near bridlington at the seaside yea?no crime really od drunk me now and again or frank when heas not in the woolpack with john????well thats my mone see you lol stevie shameddriver@msn.com
stephen mckay
13 October 2006 00:00:00
so sorry to here about william binnie the grieving will pass it does get better through time .keep your chin up you will survive deapest sympathy.stephen mckay
Lawrie Darke
06 October 2006 00:00:00
Re: query from Nancy. The sand quarry was commonly known as the Sand Pit. There was a deep pool in the river Devon known as the Sandy Hole, in which we used to swim as children.
Dave Herriot
05 October 2006 00:00:00
Re: Query from Nancy US(NH) about Sandhole Tillicoultry. It may be that you are referring to the sand quarry out the Dollar Road which was commonly called the Sandy Hole. Although I emigrated to Canada many years ago, I was born and brought up in Tilli. Im my day in the 40's and 50's the sandy Hole was worked by two brothers Sandy and Jim Edwards. Hope this helps.
Margaret Hamilton
04 October 2006 00:00:00
Clackmannanshire Horticultural Society, held their "County Clackmananshire Flower Show" in the Devonval Hall on September 9th this year, it is such a beautiful hall. Devonvale Hall Company Limited is doing a fantastic job, so much so we have booked the hall for the next 2 years for our show, Saturday 8th September 2007. The Show is open to non members.
Thomas Soerensen
28 September 2006 00:00:00

My name is Thomas Soerensen and I live in Denmark.
About 12 years ago I was an exchange student in Scotland (Tillicoultry) and
stayed with a scottish student and his family.
His name is Andrew Straiton (Mother: Gloria - Stepfather: Harry).
I am going to Scotland in the spring and I really want to see him again.
How can I search for him? - please help.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely

Thomas Soerensen
George Reid
28 September 2006 00:00:00
I had to smile when I read Richard Tinto's memories. I do remember all those things. How about this : I am 56 years old and I still remember my mother's co-op number.
Richard Tinto
23 September 2006 00:00:00
Reading the comments brings back a lot of very good and warm memories, anyone remember any of the following - Joy time at the Baptist Church with free sweeties, Poly Joes with Bristol Cigarettes at a threepenny each or One and Penny for two bob, Julie Ginellas Cafe with the 10 in No "45" records in a massive flashing juke box - a brass threepenny a record. or working on the Co-op message bike ( the high street is a killer with an egg box full of message on the front of it for a customer up near the quarry) or a trip to Aitchisons shop for 3 selections off the penny tray and then up Ochil Street to donate 3 penny bit for a front stall seat to Mr Byers on duty at the Saturday pictures in the Town Hall ( 3 pennypiece bought you a neck breaker of a seat at the front ) - Happy Days - anyone got any other fond memories that are precious to themselves of Tilly
derek mcintosh
13 September 2006 00:00:00
i do remember you ian and your family your big bruv billy was in same class as me could you please give me information about him and also pass on my regards to him have tried to send 3 messages to stephen mckay [pye] but each one failed don't know why.keep up good work on site cheers.derek

hi Derek Billy is now in Australia contact him at:- billy50t@iinet.net.au
derek mcintosh
13 September 2006 00:00:00
hi derek mcintosh here i may be the 11,000 visitor to this site good on me if i am cheers
WEBMASTER REPLY, yes well done derek you were if fact 11,000 visitor
George Reid
11 September 2006 00:00:00
Hello Derek Mac. Billy Horne is my cousin and the last I heard he was living in Tullibody but I haven't had contact with him in years. I remember you well. How is your brother David? It would be nice to hear from him. I left Tilly in 1969 and lived in London then I travelled abroad before settling in Spain for 3 years. I then returned to Edinburgh then Newcastle and I have been in Sunderland since early eighties.
derek mcintosh
09 September 2006 00:00:00
just visited site for first time,great to see old photos of tilly,was born and raised there have a lot of happy memories of tilly moved away 1980.does anyone know where billy horne is he used to live in fir park, would love to meet him again or hear from him.keep up great work on web site,thanks.
07 September 2006 00:00:00
Does anyone know what Sandhole Tillicoultry is? I'm from the US (NH). Thanks for any help.
Margaret Johnstone
29 August 2006 00:00:00
Just found this website! It is interesting. As Margaret Imrie,

I left Britain in 1956, and have lived in America since 1958. My father was Edward Imrie, and he was the chemist in Tilly. My grandfather was James Waddell - the grocer on High Street.
I read through the other comments, and I remember Bill(y) Edwards, and his father, Jack, and the Jaeger factory.
Does any one know anything about Lily Chappelle? She was married to Bill McIntyre, and lived in Kilmarnock for a while. I lost touch with her years ago. I will visit again.
Christine Godley (Cowie)
13 August 2006 00:00:00
What a super site. I now live in Aberdeenshire and I needed my brother David (train Photo's) to come all the way from Oz to tell me about it. I particularly liked the photo (no 11) of the high st. My granny lived in commercial biuldings and her bedroom window looked directly onto the fountain that can be seen on the opposite side of the road. I remember going to Esther Maxwells to get my sweeties and if I remember correctly this was taken over by the Dewars???
Will keep in touch
Tony Anderson
08 August 2006 00:00:00
Lived here for a few years before joining the army. Liked the train to Alloa piccy so I sent it to my Dad, James, who was born here. Thank You
04 August 2006 00:00:00
Hi to all did any one have margaret Dodds as there health visitor 1980ish to 1986 would love to know her storys love susan Mcewan,Dodds her daughter. thankyou.
04 August 2006 00:00:00
Hi does anyone know Margaret Dodds Health visitor from 1980ish till 1986 would love to here some stories when she used to work with you all she was a great fun loving lady with love Sue Dodds (Daughter)
23 July 2006 00:00:00
Hello from Germany, great photos, I will come back.
Vicki B
09 July 2006 00:00:00
What a great website! I'm in Edinburgh at the moment, but we're looking to buy our first home soon. We've spotted a couple of nice ones in Tillicoultry, but don't know much about the town. I'd be delighted to hear peoples' thoughts on what Tillicoultry is like as a place to live nowadays. Many Thanks!
Billy Hughes
04 July 2006 00:00:00
Born in Airth castle? Bridge of Allen 1961. Lived in Elmwood Ave then moved to Chappelle Cres. Joined the army 1977. Live in Swindon. Mum + Dad moved to Glenrothes to be closer to sister Jan Holburn(nee hughes). Just thought I would I would leave note. Tilly always close to me.
emma alexander
02 July 2006 00:00:00
I was the 10,000 visitor to this website!

Webmaster reply Well done Emma, I noticed it was due to come up to visitor 10,000 and waited to see if anyone would notice
Elizabeth Hoolihan
12 June 2006 00:00:00
My grandmother was born in Tillicoultry in 1901. Her name was Helen Hunter Drummond. She was a tartan weaver. She married my grandfather John Cullen and they lived in Glasgow. They had 3 children, John (my father), and twins James and Mary then moved to Capetown, South Africa in about 1931. They had 2 children (Norman and Isobella) after that. Dad married my mother in 1947, had me in 1950 and my brother Ian in 1954. We lived in Uganda for 3 years prior to moving to Australia in 1959. Another two boys (Alister and Fergus) were born in Australia. I now live in Yeppoon in Central Queensland. If anyone knows of or remembers my grandmother, my father who is now 82 will be a very happy man.
15 May 2006 00:00:00
Hi anyone know of the Fyfe family who lived in Stoneyacre in the 1950,s
I would love to know anything about them.
07 May 2006 00:00:00
hi anyone know heather or willie stodart from tillicoultry i need to get a hold of them i knew they were staying in hareburn road but they moved i need an address or phone number.
gina priestley
02 May 2006 00:00:00
love all the pics and info. I left Tilly in 1967, 1 year after June Adams who I am sure is my cousin in Australia. We both lived in Fir Park Would love her E-mail address, or mine forwording to her if possible. Thanks ginapriestley1@hotmail.co.uk

WEBMASTER REPLY:- By posting this here June can contact you in private is she wishes to do so.
Zelda Lithgow
25 April 2006 00:00:00
Hi Anne

Just had a look at the pic of your grandson what a lovely wee lad. I don't have any grandchildren yet but I hope I will someday, I do have 3 ponies, a dog, a cat and 2 geese though LOL.

It's strange to think that it's 33 years since I lived in Tilly, we moved out of Edinburgh nearly 6 years ago and now live near Kelso, back in the countryside again.
ann robertson
22 April 2006 00:00:00
Hi Zelda, I am married to Stuart, have a daughter from my previous marriage aged 26, and a stepson aged 21, two grandchildren Jack aged 8 and Amy aged 2. I now stay in Easterton, and work in Ochil Furniture and
have been in my job for nearly 18 years. Tilly has changed since we were at primary but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
ann robertson
22 April 2006 00:00:00
Zelda if you look at the pictures of the 2003 gala and see the picture of pageboy
Jack that is my grandson, then aged 5

Rick McCafferty
13 April 2006 00:00:00
Hello Ian, just following-up to see if you were able to contact Sandy. Thank you.

A bit of a note, I noticed on the Tillicoultry web site there is a monument nearby to William Wallace. Probably all Americans say they are related to William Wallace, but I may be. One of my hobbies is genealogy and apparently I'm a cousin to Wallace. Wallace's mother and a grandmother in my line were sisters. I'm also related to Murchison's on the Isle of Sky, Matheson's, MacDonald's and a couple of names, albeit, my McCafferty line is Irish from the Enniskillen area. Sorry, got carried away.

Thanks again,


Webmaster reply yes details were passed to Sandy
Zelda Lithgow
01 April 2006 00:00:00
Hi Anne (Robertson) I remember you from school too. Tilly has ghanged a lot since we were at school. What are you doing now, kids hubby etc.

Bill Edwards
29 March 2006 00:00:00
My cousin in Bankok Liz Stewart (maiden name, daughter of Evelyn) directed me to the website. Very interesting. Congratulations! I grew up in Tilly. My father was on the council and ran the Jaeger factory from 1939 till it closed. We left in 1953 when I was 10. I have been back almost every year. I have hundreds of pictures. I must see if any would be of interest. After 14 years in Bermuda, we live in Tampa, Florida now.

Webmaster reply:- thanks for your comments any photos would be much appreciated.
Luc Mowat
28 March 2006 00:00:00
i have found some good informations on this site.
my gggfather Thomas was living in Tillicoultry in 1871. On the census (1871-1891), this family stay on 46 Shilling Hill and also in 46 Mill Street. Do these places still exist?
can someone send me any pictures ?


webmaster reply

Mill Street is now known as Uppermill Street redevolopment of Shilling Hill tok place in 1965. Go to http://website.lineone.net/~grltilly/Tilli2003/ for a photo of Shilling Hill. You will also find a postcard of Mill Street and Shilling Hill (added to-day) at www.thelocalchannel.co.uk/tillicoultry
If anyone else has photos please contact Luc or the website
25 March 2006 00:00:00
really kl picz x cyoo xx
ann robertson
19 March 2006 00:00:00
just having a look on the website and found a comment from Zelda Banfield, my
maiden name was McGrail and I remember you from school, unlike yourself Zelda
I am still in Tilly.
Enid Harlow
18 March 2006 00:00:00
Comment: sorry I meant to say also what a wonderful site this is and
my grandfather was Thomas Bateman Laing of Tilli.
17 March 2006 00:00:00
Nice website and good community resource. I would like to announce the website also of tillicoultry Artist, Val Kenyon. Her site and gallery can be located at http://www.valkenyon.co.uk

Many thanks
Enid Harlow
17 March 2006 00:00:00
Ian, I have just looked at the new photos. They are great, there is one taken of Tilli in 1910 which is the year my grandfather left there to come to Canada.Many thanks I will add this to my family history papers.
Monica Ratcliff
15 March 2006 00:00:00
Ian - Thanks for your brilliant response to my posting re Castle Craig, and the scans you sent. I'm really grateful, and have located a copy of Reminiscences of Dollar and Tillicoultry by William Gibson. (I did email you direct, but my emails may have ended up in your spam folder, as I have an AOL address!) You went to a lot of trouble. Great shame the Hillfoots Museum has closed - another sign of the times, I suppose. My best wishes to you, and all in Tillicoultry...any further info on John Robertson Drysdale & Agnes Jamieson Drysdale (nee Milne) & daughter Agnes (died young in 1924) of Castle Craig would be much appreciated!
Monica Ratcliff (ancestors from Castle Craig, Tillicoultry)
13 March 2006 00:00:00
Hello All in Tillicoultry - what a great website you have. This a copy of a message I sent to Bryce Crawford re Castle Craig, which was swept away for the Quarry, I believe.
Hello Bryce,

I'm currently researching my family tree, and was looking at the Tillicoultry.ik site, where I came across - at long last, as I've been earnestly looking for a long time - the drawing/engraving of Castle Mill. I notice your question hasn't been addressed by anybody. The reason that I, too, am interested is that I believe that Castle Mill may have been at the very north-east of the town - or village, really, as it was then, on a large area of land that appears on an 1866 Ordnance Survey map as Castle Craig, showing a carding and spinning mill at its foot.It shows Craigsfoot as well.

My maternal great grandfather, John Robertson Drysdale, marine engineer born in Victorian times (also SON of John Drysdale, Marine Engineer, b.1840), his wife Agnes Jamieson Drysdale (maiden surname Milne) and their daughter, Agnes Milne Drysdale (my maternal grandmother) lived at Castle Craig: their daughter was born there. On the occasion of Agnes's marriage to my grandfather, William George Fowler Embleton, in Tillicoultry in 1918, Castle Craig was the family address. William Embleton was an accountant and, at the time of his marriage, a Lance Corporal in the 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. Tragically, Agnes my grandmother died after giving birth to my mother in 1924. My mother was named Agnes as well. Her life was blighted by this early loss of her mother - her father was so deeply distressed that he did not remarry until a further 6 years had passed.

As Castle Craig was sold for quarrying at some later stage - and I'm sure the Drysdales were completely devastated by their daughter's death, although I am unsure when they left or where they went as yet - it would seem as though Castle Craig was demolished, unfortunately. My mother used to tell me that her mother had been born in a Scottish castle. A sister of mine remembers being told by my mother that there was a relative of the Drysdales' - perhaps a cousin of her deceased mother - called maybe CRAWFORD HUNTER?

Anyway, Bryce, I am continuing in my quest to unearth more, and will probably approach the Hillsfoot Mills Heritage Museum in Tillicoultry to see if they can shed any more light. I am unsure whether Castle Craig was ACTUALLY a castle, or a fortified house, and hope to find that out too. The gated house with a walled garden in the Castle Mill drawing that you were referring to may possibly have been Castle Craig, but I think it was more likely Craigsfoot, or directly to do with the mill. Thereagein, I'm unsure whether my Marine Engineer GGF had anything to do with the mill, and am trying to discover that too.

Best wishes to you,

Monica Ratcliff (resident of Devon, West Country)

PS: Webmaster Ian, where did you get the image of Castle Mill? It looks as though it at least had a caption, and maybe some history with it? Is there any chance you could send me more info on its source...I would love to find more on Castle Craig....
12 March 2006 00:00:00
Happy Sunday and greetings from switzerland
Ricky Tinto
12 March 2006 00:00:00
what a brillaint site congratulations. I was to go to see my sis who stays there and thanks to the up to date snow pics - maybe next week - may your site go from strength to strength
Valerie Campbell
06 March 2006 00:00:00
Great to see photos of my hometown, but even more so the Over 70s outing to St Andrews and the photos of my late Dad, David (Dye) Forsyth. Keep up the good work on the site. I may be hundreds of miles away but Tilly is still home! Hi to everyone who knows me.
June Adams
26 February 2006 00:00:00
It was interesting looking at the old photos. The streets look pretty much the same as when I left in 1966. Although the hills were a stone throw from our house in Tillicoultry, I hadn't taken much notice when we left how close the hills were until looking at the old photos of some of the streets. I guess many of these buildings in most of the streets will have gone. I wondered where the Parish Church is or was and which street is the photo of the prefabs.
23 February 2006 00:00:00
great place to live, was there in the early 70's still have the centennial mug at home here in canada.
nicki mckinley
19 February 2006 00:00:00
yeah i lived in tillicoultry for 12 years in harebourn road i love till. also someone asked about marion hunter i know her very well. i love tilly loads. thats where my family is from and we all love it. im looking to find out where heather and wullie stodart live. i love tilly great place to stay. who would have thought they had a website. lol
nicola mckinlay
19 February 2006 00:00:00
hi i was wondering if anyone remembers the burtons or the mckinleys fae harburn road or moss road. tilly is a beautiful place
Val Kerherno
09 February 2006 00:00:00
I used to come as a student in tilly every year. I falled in loved with your area, stayed in Stirling 2 years and back to france to get married. We are looing for an au pair for the summer and wwe"ll be happy to welcome a scotiish girl...
norman lockhart
07 February 2006 00:00:00
anyone remember the Lockharts from church grove??
Gordon lives in Florida, Vivian in South Africa and me norman in england
I will be up for my first visit in many many years at the end of Feb
HERRIOT, Charles
02 February 2006 00:00:00
Greetings from Canada! My father, David Herriot, was born and raised in Tillicoultry -- born 1929 and then emigrated to Canada in 1954. He's not one to surf the Internet, but if you know of him or if your maybe your parents knew him and they want to say hello then please feel free to e-mail me at charlesherriot@hotmail.com and I will pass on your greeting / message to him.
30 January 2006 00:00:00
An interesting site..... funny to see the picture of the Town Hall clock without the Town Hall attached :)
Robert Morrison
11 January 2006 00:00:00
My uncle Robert (Morrison) just past away recently. He and his brother Hugh ran the market gardens between Alva and Tillicoultry for many years. I have lived in Canada since 1966 but some of my best memories came from the time at the gardens. Anybody remember the greatest strawberries in the world grown there?

webmaster reply
Were are all you berry pickers? surely some of you out there picked the berries.
cairn shearman
09 January 2006 00:00:00
just moved into kingseat dr from stirling,here with my wife and border collies we think its really lovely here.
malcolm crawford
08 January 2006 00:00:00
I left the area 1960 came to n.z. interesting to read the feedback from some of the
people who lived there I still have some of my family there Iwas born in stoneyacre moved to 12 hareburn road lived through the hard times and we all survived, through the war etc but I can't understand why the name stoneyacre is not named on the map where I was born, have a happy new year or a guid new year, which ever you prefer. M.CRAWFORD

Webmaster reply
A good New Year to you too, I have now changed the map to a different server you will see a arrow pointing to Stoneyacre.

June adams
08 January 2006 00:00:00
Hi again, Message misunderstood. We were married in West Church 1969. The windows were and as far back as I can remember before that were bricked out. We left that year for Australia. I had a look at our wedding photos to confirm what I thought as I remembered the windows. In our wedding photos there were not any windows in the West Church they were bricked up.
June Adams
07 January 2006 00:00:00
Well I wouldn't have guessed the photo of West Church. I see the grass area to one side has been concreted and the wall has gone. It is interesting to see windows now which for some reason when it was a church were bricked out. I wonder why.

Webmaster reply
Sorry, the windows are not blanked out the photo was taken on a dull day hence the poor quality of the photo. I will retake the photo.

June Adams
07 January 2006 00:00:00
Just a mention again for any new visitors from Tillicoultry. I lost touch with Marion Hunter long long time ago. We were very good friends. I would still like to get in touch with her if anyone knows her whereabouts.
james h macmillan
30 December 2005 00:00:00
wishing all my relations and friends in tilly a happy new year
Andy & Terry in godstone Surrey
ps Andy Macbride watchout for lamposts
30 December 2005 00:00:00
happy new year to christine, emma & everybody
who visits this website in 2006.
good luck to the pars in 2006
30 December 2005 00:00:00
Happy New Year and all the best in 2006 to everyone, thanks for your support, comments and photos in 2005

Ian (webmaster)
james h macmillan
27 December 2005 00:00:00
this is a great site i am new to the computer still learning at 61
ps i remember bryce crawford
emma alexander
27 December 2005 00:00:00
merry christmas and a happy new year
to my mum , dad, gran , and all my friends.
Michele Lanza
26 December 2005 00:00:00
merry christmas from Rimini, Italy.
Happened to be fitting a showroom at Stirling Furniture last week. It was my very first time in Scotland and enjoyed it very very very much. I'd like here to thank the staffs at HarviestounCountryHotel, StirlingFurniture and the Tillicoultry comunity for their hospitality. Hope to be back next summer...
P.s. Great site!

Webmaster Reply:-

Thank you Michele pleased you enjoyed your stay in Tillicoultry, we wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2006

Andy McDermott
24 December 2005 00:00:00
wonderful site born in tilly left back in 1966 joined army now live in surrey vist when I can not often enough though. Drove all over europe and middel east seen some wonderful places. But tilly still gets to me. So merry Xmas to everybody and a Happy New Year and regards to Jim william & james Macmillian
Paul Nesbitt
23 December 2005 00:00:00
Keep visting the site, as I cannot get back to visit.
Very nice job.
I used to deliver the Tribune as a young boy in the mid sixties, 1p 1/2p, not sure how many pockets I wore out.....
16 December 2005 00:00:00
Merry Christmas, to you all and all the best for 2006

Ian (webmaster)

Please feel free to post your Chirstmas wishes here, say who you are, were you are from and your message
16 December 2005 00:00:00
From Ian Millar, Tillicoultry Scotland
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2006 to big brother "BILLY MILLAR" in Australia
Alastair conn
14 December 2005 00:00:00
i lived in tillicoultry around 1975 time in lady well house and my dad was a doctor there Dr Conn
flora mackinnon
10 December 2005 00:00:00
this is good site like your pics David, I was also born in scotland in Tullibody
Webmaster reply
Yes the pics David sent are great! the one with the coal train is realy good and is one of the best I have seen. I showed it in my local and quite a few people have asked me for a copy.

David Strachan
01 December 2005 00:00:00
Born Frederick St, But lived at 51 Stoneyacre until joining the Fleet Air Arm in 1946 & served until 1960. In 1962 came to Australia . Mum & dad died here & also my sister Thelma . My sister Vena is still alive & living here in N.S.W. I will be coming to Tillicoultry in June 2006 and would welcome meeting anybody from Tilly.
01 December 2005 00:00:00
hi just lookd in this site im org from scotland now in oz wollongong nsw
Douglas Bloomer
30 November 2005 00:00:00
Can you please provide me with a contact tel number for the hire of Centenary Hall?

Hi Douglas, the contact is Graham Watt 01259 750701
David Hamilton Cowie
24 November 2005 00:00:00
Great site. I was also born in Tillicoultry in 1949 in Cairnton Street (long gone) My grandmother and great grandmother lived across the road in the old commercial buildings on the high street, just down from Esther Maxwell's shop. My grandmother's name was Christina Peggie (nee Pollock). Moved to Dollar when I was five, then came back to Chappelle Crescent. Came to Australia on my own in 1969, been back to Tillicoultry a couple of times over the years. I live in Dubbo, western New South Wales and although I am in the country, I miss the Ochil hills as it's very flat open country here. Feel free to email me if you'd like to chat. Regards, David.
PS - Loved the photos on the site! I still remember my mother's co-op number, 1512.
June Adams
16 November 2005 00:00:00
Is/Was the Congregational Church opposite the Bus station?
Look forward to seeing the photo you have of the West Church.

WEBMASTER REPLY Yes and it is still there, I have yet to take a photo of the West Church but I will as soon as I can.

June Adams
08 November 2005 00:00:00
Enjoyed the old photos. Bit before my time. I guess the church in High Street was West Church where I was married in 1969.

Webmaster Reply
The Church in the photo is the Concregational Church. The West Church is now converted to house older people. I will post a photo for you here soon
Zelda Lithgow
05 November 2005 00:00:00
Hi anyone remember me Zelda Banfield, I lived in Tilly until I was 17(1973ish) then left to live in Edinburgh, Tom and I are now in the Borders.
My mum Rita Caproni (maiden name) sadly died in 2003 I havn't been back since selling the family house then.

I would be nice to hear from old friends
alexander mcrobbie munro
01 November 2005 00:00:00
i used to live in tilly..........while working @ castlehill mine...........had many a good night out and was always .........lucky when out on the pull names withheld.cant embarrass everyone.........being an ex-miner Im now a photographer running my own business @ http://alexanderargyll.tripod.com
btw great site.hi to all those ex-miners from the red lion caio
Linda Stephenson
29 October 2005 00:00:00
Used to live in Donaldson Drive, (near to the Wimpey estate) in 1974. I was then known as Linda Hoffman husband Rod. Had good friends namely Christine & Norman, (sorry cannot remember surname) who adopted a little girl, I was her godmother. Left Tilly in 1980 to go to Sussex and lost contact. Norman worked for a local building company. Christine had 2 horses. Would love to hear from them. Lovely to see old phots. Keep them rolling in.
lynn doig
19 October 2005 00:00:00
always interested in Tillicoultry past and present being a tilly lass. Fab to see old pics of Hill str, has not changed at all,must get a pic of hill str today,let the people of the world see how to maintain old buildings.

Thanks, yes I will post a photo of Hill Street soon
bryce crawford
04 October 2005 00:00:00
Can anybody tell me where Castlemill was situated in Tillicoultry (recent photograph)
24 September 2005 00:00:00
Your community looks so peaceful...(Though I see you've had your floods too)...
Wishing you the best, always.
Nuno Nogueira
23 September 2005 00:00:00
My name is Nuno from Portugal !
Your country is my dream land ...
Good luck for you !

Visit my blog to :
Nuno Nogueira
23 September 2005 00:00:00
Olá friend!
Taste very of your land, one day liked to go there, dream with this!
Good luck for you!
Thomas McIntyre
18 September 2005 00:00:00
You live in a beautiful area,and rightly should be proud of it. The more I see of it, the more I wish to some day visit.
Do please keep up the good work, and keep puplishing interesting facts about your county.
Thomas (
17 September 2005 00:00:00
Just another little hello.. Nice new additions.
17 September 2005 00:00:00
Fall greetings from Finland

Gary Hunter
14 September 2005 00:00:00
Wow a web site in Tillicoultry who would have thought hehe.
I was born in Ann St in 1964, lived in Westbourne ave then on to Hamilton st.
I left Tilly for the last time in 1983 I am now in Wellington NZ but still dream of Tilly.
Funny how you remember every part of Tilly, and all the fun it used to be, I heard today that its not the same and has a huge youth and drug problem, shame has never like that in my days when cops didnt mind giving you a back hander and taking you home aww well all must change I suppose.
hope all from Tilly are well cya

Webmaster Relpy
I would not say we have a huge youth and drug problem, yes there is some problems but not any bigger than you would find any where else. glad you like the site please visit again, if you would like a photo that is not on the site let me know and I will take one.

13 September 2005 00:00:00
Hello ian,
Thank's 4 visiting my site ...
I hope U have a nice day in scotland.
Did U see your town in welcome message when U hit my site ?

13 September 2005 00:00:00
Hellow... . Nice web here and nice color... :D
12 September 2005 00:00:00
You have a beautiful community and should rightly be proud of it! I will return to explore this site further
10 September 2005 00:00:00
Great site !!! I loved the photo's and would love to see more.
I'm Canadian but I lived in Fishcross and Sauchie during the 80's, I'm back in Canada now.
10 September 2005 00:00:00
Hi :-)
Love the photos on your site. I'll be back to see more ;-)
Have a great day :-)
Derek Polley
10 September 2005 00:00:00
I Love Tillicoultry , I Live Here
mensa B
09 September 2005 00:00:00
What a great tribute to your community. I'll be back to visit site again...
08 September 2005 00:00:00
Thanks for stopping by my poetry blog "The Window To My Soul". The Window To My Soul

Thanks for posting a comment in my neoboard! Have a Great Day!

Thomas McIntyre
07 September 2005 00:00:00
Hello again, just stopping by to look arround
06 September 2005 00:00:00
Hi Nice page and the photos are good have a nice day from Sweden!!
Thomas McIntyre
05 September 2005 00:00:00
Hello, Back again. Loved your photos, My ancestors came from the Isle of Skye I hope to visit your country some day.
Thomas McIntyre
05 September 2005 00:00:00
Loved the photos, It made me wish to visit.
My people are orrigionaly from the Isle of Skye
I shall be returning from time to time.
04 September 2005 00:00:00
Excellent photos!!!
Thomas McIntyre
04 September 2005 00:00:00
I enjoyed your site,GOOD work. I will come back again.
Please stop by my home page some time and let me know your opinion.
23 August 2005 00:00:00
good site,If andy or willie kerr ever look at this site please give me a shout would just like to say hello.
21 August 2005 00:00:00
am looking for my old pal andy mcride a mind when a gave him first aid when he walked into the lamppost

Do you mean Andy McBride?
Jim Gillespie
15 August 2005 00:00:00
I was born in Tillicoultry in 1949 and lived on the Moss Road. I attended the primary and secondary school until December 1963 when I left with my parents, Bob and Mary Gillespie, for Canberra in Australia where I still live. I've visited Tilly in 1988, 89, 90 and 99 and caught up with many old friends but I would love to hear from others who have an email address. Well done to those who put this website together - it brings us all a little bit closer.
Rosalyn Rennie
15 August 2005 00:00:00
Very impressed with your website. It is excellent and shows lots of potential with the bits still to be developed. Could you please add Cliff Wilson's contact details to the list of local contacts as I always seem to have great difficulty finding his number when in Aberdeen. I know I am not alone. Thanks!

Thanks for pointing out Cliff Willson's contact details were missing I have now added them to the list.
Leslie Giebler Nee Meiehofer
13 August 2005 00:00:00
Great web page I did my Hairdressing training with Sandra McCarry in Tilly in the 70's Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I have been living here in Melbourne since the 1980. Have fond memories of Tilly . Keep up the good work.
13 August 2005 00:00:00
nice tow how did u no show the photos of the bus stands

I will post a photo on site soon
Joe Gagetti
10 August 2005 00:00:00
I would love to get in touch with Derek Hunter his sister Karen (Nee Hunter) married to Kevin or Elaine (Nee Calder) if anyone has any info or can pass on my email address to them, that would be appreciated.
I am from Australia and spent time over in Tillicoultry in 1985/6 and again in 1988. My Mum (Moira Allan) grew up in Tillicoultry.
Andy Carr
25 June 2005 00:00:00
I'm trying to find any of my relatives from Tillicoultry. My Grandfather was George Whyte, Father to Brenda Carr (nee Downie Whyte). I believe his brothers John and Tommy still live there. It would be lovely to contact them. If anybody has any details or address's, I would be very grateful
bryce crawford
14 June 2005 00:00:00
Hi webmaster
please pass on my regards to Jim Macgregor & my e mail address
Hi Bryce thanks will do.

Ian Millar ( webmaster)
13 June 2005 00:00:00
Hi Bryce Crawford,
Speaking to a old friend of yours Jim McGregor, he is asking for you.
He has just set up his computer, and a bit new in how to post here.
Robina Darke
17 May 2005 00:00:00
Hi Donna,

I have just seen the Park Street photo on the Tilly web site.

Tina McIntosh was my auntie Tina. I am Robina McIntosh; I was born in Park Street on the 7th July 1941 and lived there until 1955 when I moved to Johnson Crescent. I also remember the Bottomley family; Robert and his two sisters.

I am now Robina Darke and have been living with my husband Lawrence in the southeast of England since 1980.

I would love to hear from you and any of your memories of Tilly and Park Street.


George Reid
11 May 2005 00:00:00
It was nice to see pictures of Johnson Crescent. The house I grew up in and the street I played in and the realisation of how lucky I was to have those hills to look at everyday. I have lived in Sunderland for the last 24 years. This is a worthwhile site. Keep it going!
Rita Elson.
07 May 2005 00:00:00
Everyweek I look to see if I have any messages from Tillicoultry. I have never had any so far. I live In Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada now. But somehow Tillicoultry, so far away has a real hold on me, afterall it is my birthplace. If anyone would like to e-mail me my address is deet58@hotmail.com
So far away, yet so near in thought. I would love to hear from you
04 May 2005 00:00:00
Hi Ian, thanks for posting the picture of Park Street on your site. Maybe someone will know the name Bottomley or Bottombey and will contact you. I would be interested if you should hear anything on it. The picture belonged to my Grandparents James and Jessie Sinclair. They were married on Park Street and had most of their chldren there as well. So I am interested in knowing more about these people in the picture. I will look forward to my visit to Tillicoultry in 2006-7. The pictures are all wonderful to see.

British Columbia, Canada
Thanks Donna, it is a fab photo if anyone can help please contact the Webmaster.
( Click Photos on left then Park Street to see the photo)
If anyone else has old photos of Tillicoultry please contact me.

June Adams
03 May 2005 00:00:00
From Tillicoultry. Lived in Fir Park. Came to Australia 1966. Last year on holiday in Coff's Harbour a young lady was working at the resort who happed to live in Fir Park after we left. Small world.
From the Webmaster
28 April 2005 00:00:00
Hi, when you visit this site let us know were you are from. I know we have visitors from far and wide.

Wendy Piper
24 March 2005 00:00:00
G'day all! I lived with my family Ian, Fiona and Colin Piper at 9 St Leonards in the Wimpey Estate from 1973 until we emigrated to Australia in 1982. I completed primary school at Tilly Primary before completing my first year at Fir Park. I have very happy memories of Tilly. Does anyone remember me or anyone in my family. My Dad, Ian used to walk our Dalmation Reba, along the foothills and have a wee drinkie at the Woolpak. The Eagle was also a favourite watering hole. Does anyone remember hanging out at the old "Bunny Hill" or "Sand Hill". What about the Wimpey Estate? Please get in touch, I know there are still a few people around that we knew. Cheers, Wendy!
Ronnie Kelly
09 March 2005 00:00:00
I used to work in the Shift Labs in Devonvale between 1970-72, until the closure. Just wondering if anyone remembers, including John Westland, who worked alongside me. Also the Bell twins, Dennis from the colourshop, and many others such as Mr Stoddart, Ian Baikie....drop me a line anytime. Cheers, Ronnie.
bryce crawford
23 February 2005 00:00:00
I read with interest that the Tilly youth of today are using the bus shelter in Murray Square as a 'gang hut'
Back in the fifties we used the seats in the clock tower for a similar purpose
Does anyone have any memorie of this?
Liz Atkinson
10 February 2005 00:00:00
I am researching my family tree and am looking for any relatives of my great grandparents Andrew Cairns and his wife elizabeth nee Whitehead. Andrew died in 1940 and he lived at 45 Hill street his son Charles lived at 61 Hamilton street.
stephen mckay(pye)
23 January 2005 00:00:00
moved from tillicoultry 15 years ago live in leeds now with son scott and dauter kassey dad still there in woolpack all the best steve mckay..
16 January 2005 00:00:00
I was born in Tillicoultry on October 4th 1945. My mother Doris Gates and her family, the Townsend's were evacuated from London during W W 11. My father was in the Royal Air Force. Before moving to Canada in 1969, I visited Tillicoultry for old times sake. What a beautiful part of the world it was. Unfortunately, I could not find Frederick Street, my birth place. Does anyone remember either of the families GATES or TOWNSEND. Wishing you all the very best for 2005.
06 January 2005 00:00:00
Hi I used to live in Tilly in late seventies early eighties. We lived down Chapelle Cres. My Mum's family came from Tilly, James Fraser is my cousin, I really miss it there it was the best most scenice place I ever lived. I remember Ian Miller didnt he used to take Photos of views? I would love to hear from any one who knows us.
28 December 2004 00:00:00

****WEBMASTER Reply:- Your right! however you will find even some of websites made by the experts contain errors. I tried to send you a e.mail, however it got returned.
Paul Nesbitt
19 December 2004 00:00:00
Left "home" in 1966, now all grown up at almost 50 years old, still miss Tilly.
Anybody remember me or Ailstair McIntyre, Billy Straiton, Hayden McDonald. I lived on 48 Johnsotn Cres, when the sandpit was fun, my family is Rosemary, Heather, Bobby, Maureen, me, Debbie, & baby Andrewm mum is Betty, dad was Bob

I welcome any e-mails, if you have Billy Straiton's email it would be much appreciated

Bryce Crawford
27 November 2004 00:00:00
Just wondering if anyone remebers me I stayed in Union Street then Cunninghar Drive untill 1967.

(now staying in Edinburgh)

Webmaster note:- Bruce you sent this to the enquiry box, so I transfered it here to the Guestbook. Hope someone remembers you. I stay just off Cunninghar Drive (but not in 1967) have you looked at the photos? there are some taken quite close ie Kirkhill Terrace.
Margaret Reagen
24 November 2004 00:00:00
I had fond memories of "tilli" when I was a child, my aunt married one of the Keenans/Herrington and lots of my family from Port Glasgow had great childhood memories, if any keenans are still around feel free to contact me, different way but better way of life,
Enid Harlow
26 October 2004 00:00:00
Just a correction to my EMail of 29Sept2004. My great grandparents were Peter Laing & Helen Paterson NOT Elizabeth Patterson. Sorry for this,It helps to get the inform. correct.
Nicola Stein
25 October 2004 00:00:00
When is the clock tower going to show the correct time on all four faces?

Webmaster Reply:- The clock has to be wound up by hand, access to do this is unsafe.
A application ( from Clackmannanshire Council ) was submitted for funding to electrify the clock and carry out work to the clock tower, however the application was unsuccessful.
Enid Harlow
29 September 2004 00:00:00
I am still trying to find out anything about the Laings of Coalsnaughton/Tillicoultry. they are my mothers family. Her father was Thomas Bateman Laing and his mother was Helen Laing daughter of Peter Laing & Elizabeth Patterson Laing.Peter married twice but my grandfather was the son of his daughter from his first marraige.His second wife was Elizabeth Grahm Laing..Thanks
eileen henning
04 September 2004 00:00:00
hi, my name is eileen henning (beveridge) i live in south africa, my parents are andy beveridge(Tilly) and elizabeth Hepburn (Alva) looking for anyone who might remember them, also looking for Elma Wallace nee Hall, friend of my mums. thanks.
Greame Clark
02 July 2004 00:00:00
I am keen to find out any information about an ancestor of mine -

Robert Johnston, I don't have much to go on but I know he was living at 77 High Street in Tillicoulty and working as a butcher's vanman in 1909.

Any information would be gratefully received.
Claude Auger
11 June 2004 00:00:00
Hello all, a friend and I will be visiting Tillicoultry and Coalsnaughton in mid-September. I did some genealogical research on his family, and this is what we know. His great-grandfather left Coalsnaughton in about 1870 to come to Canada, his name was John Hunter (1841-1885), son of Robert Hunter (1817-1895), a weaver, and Janet Condie (1815-1897). John?s brother Robert left for Australia, but these siblings apparently stayed in Scotland: David (born in 1843), Mary (1845, who had a son named John by James Pitcairn, mariner, in 1866), James (1846) and Alexander (1850). If any of these names ring a bell to somebody who still lives in the Wee County, we?d be delighted to chat with you! Hope to hear from you, Claude Auger and Greg Hunter
Alf Jennings
02 June 2004 00:00:00
Does anyone have any information on my old RAF mate (1948 - 1950) Dennis How - a son of Tillicoultry in the 1930s and 1940s, I would dearly like to know if he is still out there - ANY information very gratefully received.
30 April 2004 00:00:00
Thanks for adv. me of this web-site. I have been to Tilly twice and have loved everything about it. I can understand why my grandfather felt so bad about leaving there but he had to find work.He never got over his love for the "HillFoot"towns.Of course my granmother came out from Alva to marry him. I have walked up that street by the old mill. Thanks for the memories... Thanks again..
bryce crawford
04 March 2004 00:00:00
Does anybody remember me. I left Tillicoultry in 1967
Bryce Crawford
04 March 2004 00:00:00
Does any body remember me
I left Tilly in 1967
June Adams
29 January 2004 00:00:00
Left Tilly when I was 18 to live in Australia
Best wishes for this site
Ian Millar
22 December 2003 00:00:00
Merry Christmas to BIG BROTHER Billy Millar in Melbourne Australia from wee brother Ian in Tillicoultry Scotland


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